are you a science loving,
magic dwelling  practitioner?

Looking to strengthen your tool belt with the potent capacities of herbal medicine? 


In my opinion, it's a task that is regarded as a very important duty. So what is YOUR mission? Have you considered this lately?

Mine, if you're wondering, is to teach and empower a whole bunch of practitioners to offer the fourth option to their people.

So what is the FOURTH option?

This is the one your clients are looking for after being pushed pills, procedures and "putting up with it" as their only options.

Don't get me wrong... Sometimes pills or procedures ARE the necessary protocol.

Many times, though? Well, it's just covering up one symptom and exposing another. 

All the while making large pharmaceutical companies even richer, and keeping our society even sicker.


The fourth option is living in the realm of MAGIC (and collaborating with thousands of years of proven ancient wisdom).

It's living on the WILD side.
The natural side, that is free of side effects.

It's the option that can strengthen your clients gut and immune health instead of destroying it in its pursuit of healing.

It's the one that gives our society another option aside from mind decaying pills and procedures. 

The fourth option for ALL the people. THAT is my mission. Will you join me?


Look, I know you're in it to help people heal. You and me both. I LOVE what I do, and seeing the effects in my clients lives. 

Having said that, there's an elephant in the room that I am not afraid to address. 

As practitioners, our income is directly limited by the amount of patients we can fit into our schedule. 

How do we do that without compromising our health? Without getting compassion fatigue? Without compromising the quality of our work and care we can give our patients!?

Well. If you're looking for another income stream that WON'T burn you out (by over-loading your schedule and then resenting the very business you created)... 

Herbal Medicine and the little bundles of magic I am going to give you could be what you've been wishing for in your practice.

(Yep, I am actually mailing you a beginner dispensary so you can work with paying clients in as little as 3 weeks of the course starting.)

Did I mention this also C 0 V ! D proofed my business AND my clients capacity to heal without hands on touch?

Okay, you caught me. The humour will be dry, too. 

In all seriousness.. I don't know about you, but I have found most courses for practitioners mind numbingly dry.

Raise your hand if you've ever muted your computer while letting your CEU course play in the background so you could get the credits... BUSTED.

The reason this upsets me is because it's a disservice to the medicine being taught.

My worry about most Herbal Classes these days is that with zero accountability, zero mentorship, zero monitored practice and zero support... 

There will be a radical decline in people actually FINISHING the program and honouring the magic of  herbs.

  • If holding yourself accountable to watch, finish and practice dry text book trainings floats your boat.. 
  • If you don't really care about mentorship or receiving direct expert feedback..
  • If having a safe place to practice client intake, formula mixing and dispensing of herbs doesn't really matter to you.. 

    Then, hey! Maybe a low investment do-it-yourself class would be fine. 

But if you've been craving a community who will hold space for YOU to heal... 

Accountability for you to grow as a practitioner AND a human.

Mentorship from someone who really gives a s#%t about your evolution...

And successfully completing and doing great things with the knowledge you invest in... 

THEN I am proud and HONOURED
to present you…

The 7 Week Certification Program in Herbal Medicine. Ancient wisdom delivered with a badass, modern twist.

Focusing just as much on the practitioners transformation as the modality itself 

Oh, and if you’re wondering who the hell I am…

Hi! I’m Amanda. I’ve been a Registered Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist for 11 years, and a University Teacher in the Acupuncture program for 8 years.

Just like you’re not like most practitioners, you’ll quickly learn I’m not like most teachers.

I am known for, by my students at the University, as being gleefully blunt, with the capacity to keep you on your toes while simultaneously creating a sense of ease.

I will teach you how to hold all the parts of your wild and contradictory self, while holding radical space for those who you serve.

If you are ready to give 100%, I am ready to pull you towards the highest version of yourself - kicking and screaming if need be...After all, tears are nothing to be afraid of).

Even magic needs firm roots sometimes. Here’s what’s included in your tuition:


Join Amanda and your fellow Potion Master’s for hands-on guidance, immersive practice, and community support. ($1000 value)


Most courses are study at your own pace, and end up unfinished and un-utilized. NOT this time, Voldemort.

Join Amanda and your fellow Potion Master’s for hands-on guidance, immersive practice, and community support to ensure success in your pursuit of herbal mastery. ($2000 value)


Filled with everything you need to become a badass, competent Potion Master. You'll be able to begin dispensing herbs, changing lives and takin' names within week 3 of the program!($800 value)


Not only will you have daily access to ask ANY questions you have during the course, you’ll also have the opportunity to hop on LIVE COACHING CALLS for 3 months after you graduate. ($1000 value)


Life changing modality that you can add to your existing or new practice to support your clients in their healing evolution. ($3700 value)

The investment is as minor as just 12 new clients (and I’ll even provide you the herbs to prescribe them!)

Enrol today for $2697


Throughout our time together, you’ll not only become a confident, competent, and certified herbalist, you’ll also:

Know how to be the light for your clients who are stuck in the dark

Not just by accumulating knowledge about herbs, but by experiencing the alchemy of healing within yourself. By exploring the dark parts of your soul so you’re comfortable helping your clients explore theirs. True healing requires more than just herbs, acupuncture and any other modality.

You’ll move beyond the physical realm and dip into the emotional resonance of herbs.

As you know, a lot of symptoms are rooted in emotional trauma. Learning how herbs affect the body emotionally will enhance your clients capacity to permanently heal.

You will be able to confidently pick and choose who you work with.

Develop a keen sense of how to attract your favourite clients. By clearing out all the subconscious BS that’s stopping you from receiving clients who you adore. This is the deep work that most practitioners (and programs) fail to consider. 

You’ll become a master of yourself, before becoming a master of herbs.

I could give you all the herbal tools and tricks of the trade… But if the wielder of the tool is filled with judgements, subconscious trauma, sabotage tendencies, deep rooted insecurities, and on and on… The magic will fall flat. This is what makes my class different than most. 

You will have a mentor.

If there’s one thing that’s missing in all school systems, it’s this. My goal is to provide you with true mentorship and support throughout our 7 weeks in class, plus 3 months of follow up support together, as well as lifetime access to our badass community you will truly fit in with.

You’re going to get University education without University fees.

You’ll make the entire investment back with just 12 new herbal clients. And you’ll even get a box in the mail with all the materials you need to be successful with herbs right out the gate.

You’ll feel confident and self-assured, trusting in yourself to serve your clients with herbs.

You’re going to get your hands dirty in this herb course. You won’t be hit with a text book, a bunch of theory, and then booted out into the world. You’ll experience practical integration that will have you using and prescribing herbs with efficacy and ease. 



Otherwise, Pre-reqs are simple: You gotta have an interest in TCM and a desire to serve your clients on their healing journey.

If you’re not interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how to use Chinese herbs as the medicinal magic they are, you’re in the wrong herb shop my friend.


If you have zero experience or credentials in TCM, we do want to be transparent in letting you know that with herbal regulations coming, suppliers may be tightening their grip on who they distribute herbs to. 

This could make it more challenging to buy herbs from a reliable source, thus limiting your ability to dispense Herbs within your practice if you're not a TCM Practitioner. The future in this field is unknown, so please enrol with this discretion in mind.

If you are not so much interested in setting up a business selling herbs, and more so want to explore the wonder of herbs in a safe environment with support and advice, this course and kit will give you variety and versatility within your personal dispensary.

This is for you if you're keen on having your own little herb cabinet at home, where you can reach for an herbal formula instead of an over the counter medication for you and your family.

The personal healing from Amanda's brilliant healing audio's as well as the empowerment that comes from new knowledge is something you'll carry with you for life.

Potion Class is NOT for you if...

You’re looking for pharmacology of herbs.

If you’re looking for in depth training on the chemical component of each herb, this class is not for you. While herb-drug interactions and contraindications will be discussed (for your and your clients safety), I am most excited for you to experience the synergy of herbs and the human body. Science is cool, and I like it - but I LOVE working in the realm of magic. 

You just want dry biscuit information about herbs.

Here’s the deal. Anyone can find herbal information in a Materia Medica text. If that’s what you wanna do, all the power! While my experience as a University Instructor will ensure the class is informative, what you’ll love most is that it’s transformative. We aren’t just talking herbs in my class - you’re also going to look at your beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck from being anything less than the Master Healer you came here to be.

You’re already certified in a TCM Doctorate/Herbal Course.

Aka: Dr's of TCM, while I’d LOVE you in the class, you already know the herbal component. The transformation and community piece of the course may be appealing though. 

You’re looking for a mind-numbing video course (that you play with the volume off to gain CEU’s). 

Transformative, this class is also highly interactive. You’re going to learn by hands-on-doing and by FEELING. The biggest shame in the world would be a herb course that sits on your shelf and collects dust. That would be a disservice to the magic of the medicine. So you’re going to learn the medicine by experiencing the medicine. Which means you’re going to clear out your own shit so you can TRULY help your clients clear out theirs.

Which brings me to the final piece of who this is NOT for:

Judgy John's and Nay-sayin' Nancy's.

If you have a strong distaste for certain swear words, you can’t handle deep and gritty conversations, you’re not a team player or you think you’re holier than thou - please, do not fucking enrol in this program.

I would honestly say with the materials provided, the personal healing, the business coaching, the community aspect, the follow up support, the starter dispensary - it was underpriced. That’s my personal opinion, but I could see that someone who is not in practice may see it as being more expensive than most online courses. For practitioners, it’s a no-brainer with the amount of personal and professional development that’s woven in.”.

- Vincent, R.Ac


"I've been able to help my children with mental health issues (the herbs have done amazing things for my son in this area), digestive trouble, my boyfriend got over strep throat without the use of antibiotics.. I'm treating a friend with PCOS, she is amazed with how well the formula is working. It feels so good to now be able to educate people and show them the power in plant medicine. I feel like because of the personal work in the course I am much more in touch with myself spiritually, it's also brought up a lot of icky stuff, but I know I've gotta work through it. This whole experience has been a win!" 

- Hairdresser, Mum, Wife.

You still with me? Awesome. Let’s create some magic!

Secure your spot.
Enrolment cut off is February 9th 2022 And then your materials will be ordered and shipped within 10 business days.

Class runs for 7 WEEKS (LIVE) and our first meeting is February 23 at 9 am MST.

My intention is to make this accessible for all practitioners. You can make it back with just 12 new clients (and I’ll even provide you the herbs to prescribe them!)