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Want to get paid to refer your colleagues, friends, and followers to the S.I.T. Certification?

You are invited to become a paid affiliate partner of Empowered Healers Academy!

In order to become a basic affiliate partner, you must first complete this brief application form and follow these steps.

Step 1: Complete this application form. 
Step 2: Check your email for a link to the official sign-up page.
Step 3: Complete the sign-up process (you must complete this step to get your affiliate links)
Step 4: Check your email again for access to your affiliate dashboard and unique referral links.
Step 5: Share your link with love and integrity. 

The unique link(s) you receive are what you can share on your platforms to your networks. Our system will track people that click through and enrol in either S.I.T. Certification or Self Study S.I.T. Certification using your link(s) and you'll get paid!

EASY. We like things when they are easy.


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I'm ready to be an affiliate partner!


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We're so grateful that you want to lock arms with us in growing this Army, expanding our reach and sharing S.I.T. with the people who will use it to make a difference in the world. 

Our affiliate partner program is fully automated and designed to help you get paid for the referrals you make to either the S.I.T. Certification and/or Self Study S.I.T. Certification. 


Please use this space to briefly tell us what will make you a top-shelf affiliate partner of Empowered Healers Academy? 


Some questions to consider:


Who do you know who would be a good fit for S.I.T.? Who are you connected with, who's in your network that you know would do amazing things with S.I.T.?


What was the most valuable part of the S.I.T. Certification for you? What story would you tell to a potential referral or across your social media?  

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What online promotional channels are you using regularly in your business? 


(We're curious so we can ensure that the promotional materials we create are useful and of the most value to you.)


(Select all that apply)



Facebook (Business Page)


Facebook (Personal Profile)


Facebook (Group)


Facebook (Ads)








Google Ads



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If you selected "Other" above, please describe it here.


(If you didn't select "Other", please type " n/a " so you can go to the next question.)

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The affiliate referral bonus starts at 5%, and based on your activity level, grows to 10% (that's about $250 - $500 per referral) which is pretty easy money! Pretty fun, right?! 

Aside from the money, we are curious...

What motivates you to want to refer people to the S.I.T. Certification?

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One more thing we're curious about, what is your financial goal as an affiliate?


(Do you have your eyes set on a Harley, like Kelsey? Are you aiming for a Tesla, or an acreage? Taking a sabbatical to write a book? Renovate your space?  Let us know so we can help keep you focused on your goal!)

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Being an affiliate partner with Empowered Healers Academy shows your commitment to our brand and helping us grow the Army of Badass Healers and Humans, and we are so grateful to you for that! Thank you! 


As an affiliate you will be out there as a champion of our brand, and representing the Academy, and so we ask you to please indicate your commitment to the following terms by checking all of the boxes below. 


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I promise to not be spammy - I will use reasonable means and methods when using the Affiliate Promotional Materials provided to me.


I commit to operating from my highest integrity when making referrals and promoting the S.I.T. Certification to my networks and colleagues


I understand that our collective goal is to grow the community of Certified S.I.T. Practitioners and to elevate S.I.T. as a healing modality, and therefore I promise to protect the integrity of the Army of Badass Healers and Humans by inviting the badass-heart-centered-healer-type of people into the EHA community.

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Affiliate Policies and Conditions

Please read carefully

Affiliate Referral Benefits
 are only granted after the referred student completes the program and pays in full. All referral bonuses are calculated based on the program fees, before taxes, at the time of purchase/referral. 

    1. In order to qualify, the referred person must purchase within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link. The referred person must also complete their purchase using the same browser where they originally followed your unique link for the sale to be credited to you. 
      1. Truncating the unique affiliate link by using URL shorteners will still credit the affiliate with the conversion. 

    2. Standard affiliate referral bonus for Basic Partners is 5% of the program fee (before taxes), for the “S.I.T. Certification” 

    3. Affiliates are encouraged to support their ‘Referrals’ as they move through the program and into the S.I.T. Grad Group or S.I.T. Healers Network. You may wish to provide "bonuses" as marketing incentives for your affiliates to use your unique link. 

    4. Referral bonuses are paid at the end of every class graduation cycle. Referral bonuses are limited to *new* members of the EHA community. 


I commit to honouring the Policies and Conditions as an Affiliate Partner.

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