From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #20 - How to Have More Money

In this episode Kelsey explores what it truly takes to have more money … and blows her own mind in the process.

Warning: This episode of the podcast comes with powerful medicine. (How powerful? So powerful that Kelsey actually had to stop in the middle and give herself FIVE days to integrate.)

The Question: 

  • What am I refusing to be that if I would be it would create too much money in my life?

Follow up Questions: 

  • What have I been unwilling to be judged for? 
  • What judgements am I carrying?

The past two weeks Kelsey has been exploring these questions. Now they’ve got her manipulating energy, creating the feelings she wants to feel, and being open to receiving too much money

Kelsey shares her deep awareness about how she’s been being unwilling and how she has sabotaged money’s ability to find its way to her. She also talks about her $2000 error priceless wake up call.

 What comes up when you ask yourself this question? Grab your journal.

Remember: Living in question creates more. Always. Asking questions will change your reality. 


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