From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #23 - Following the Energy with Dr. Carson

Dr. Carson, energy focused, chiropractor extraordinaire, is changing Kelsey and Vanessa’s lives. 

In this episode they follow the energy of Dr. Carson’s career trajectory and how he savagely followed his inner renegade and his heart into alignment - and how he helps others get into alignment too. 

Dr. Carson was a student of philosophy, hypnosis, and tai chi - and when he was introduced to chiropractics by a friend, it changed his life overnight. When he began his studies, chiropractics wasn’t yet widely accepted, but his awareness guided him to the path anyway, and his career evolved, alongside chiropractics and energy focused healing modalities.

When we are not in alignment our bodies will tell us. We can get stuck in loops of stress, self protection, and not quite able to let it go-ness... and so then we develop things like spinal tension patterns as an indicator of how we’re processing information in our nervous system. 

Dr. Carson explores what’s behind physical experiences. He discusses how he cues the brain to tune into the misaligned patterns and how he helps release it in gentle ways, even simple ways, like light tapping on the spine.

We all have layers and patterns and formulas for responding to stress and traumas, and it’s about creating awareness about how we relate to these experiences and how we release them, from our mind, body, and soul. Connecting with your innate intelligence is an excellent way to support your body to be able to heal itself. 

When your system is out of balance, symptoms will manifest as a way to let you know that things are not ok. Profound healing is all about getting back into your body and learning how to communicate with it, to find balance and a sense of safety.


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