From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #9 - Eating Consciousness (and the emotional side of food)

Why don’t we consult with our bodies about what we should eat?

I mean... Our Body is the one who's carrying us around, afterall. 

Short answer, we're not taught to. 

Kelsey and Vanessa are tackling one of the most controversial subjects... FOOD.

  • What would happen if you paid attention to what foods made you feel joy? 
  • Have you ever considered there's an emotional component of your food?
  • What does it mean to be in communion with your body?
  • What if we listened to our body instead of following a list of "good" foods and avoiding the "bad" ones?

    Listen as Vanessa explains how her food issues were resolved when she dealt with emotional blocks. Healing emotional enmeshment and practicing energy work was enough to heal what doctors considered a life sentence of IBS.

    Kelsey talks about cravings and the emotional pull for foods that don’t make us feel good physically, but satisfy an inner hunger. You’ll see an entirely new perspective...
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