I trust myself, my body, my truth and my awareness over anyone else’s. When something feels heavy, I acknowledge something’s untrue, and I trust it. When something feels light and expansive, I acknowledge it's truth, and I trust it. I say no with confidence, and yes with conviction. I trust my awareness even when it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Other peoples reactions are not my responsibility. Following my awareness is my responsibility.


I know deep in my bones that failure is a self-inflicted illusion. I do not entertain myself with drama of “failing” because I am focused on dissecting feedback. I acknowledge that sometimes I will struggle and let myself down. I choose not to label these moments as failure, and to instead, always approach them with care, concern, compassion and curiosity.


I acknowledge that my thoughts, my beliefs, my emotions, my judgements and my feelings is what creates my reality. I take radical accountability and responsibility for the way I choose to experience the world. I trust that things don't happen to me, they happen for me. I am proud and empowered knowing that I create my own reality.


I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I practice what I preach and I walk the walk. I acknowledge that it is easy to post quotes on Instagram, but I have the true courage to actually apply them in my life. I am impressive when no one is watching and when I falter (because I know, as a human, I will), I own it. I acknowledge it. I accept it. I honour it. I am constantly working toward my souls evolution, and am not too proud to admit when I mess up.


I speak my truth with Grace and Conviction, even when my voice shakes. I don’t expect people to read my mind or anticipate my needs. I drop my barriers and ask for what I need. I stand up for my truth because I value my opinion and truth. Instead of letting resentment fester in me, I communicate when something concerns me. I speak my truth honestly, with grace and conviction, even if it stands out, even if others mock or reject it, even when it goes against the grain.


I am not limited by scarcity or comparison. I am inspired by the bold and courageous actions of my peers. I acknowledge there is room for all of us to thrive. When I see my fellow community member thriving, I do not compare my self to them. Instead, I celebrate them and welcome the magic I see them creating into my life as well. 


I am open to receiving the Gore in order to experience the Glory. I am open to judgement, criticism and even rejection in order to impact the planet in the way my soul deeply craves. I put myself out there, daily, because the reward of changing peoples lives is far greater than the risk of rejection. I don’t pretend to not care what people think about me. Instead, I choose WHO’S thoughts about me matter. 


I am kind, I am caring, I am giving, and I make the world a better place. And, I also celebrate my badass self on the regular. I see my strengths and I wink at them. I am my own best friend who’s proud as hell on the daily. I see myself taking action, and I praise that. I see my self healing, and I praise that. I see myself showing up for others, and I praise that. My self talk is inspiring, and when I slip, I do not berate myself. I soften and get curious, like I would with a dear friend. Although I am a good person, I am not modest. I remember who the fuck I am, consistently.


I acknowledge my clients struggles without solidifying their suffering by making it significant. I listen to their story with care, concern, compassion and curiosity - but I don’t believe it. Meaning, I know it’s true to them, but I know it’s not their truth. I remain compassionately disconnected in order to effectively guide them out of the trauma loop their story has kept them stuck in. I am more committed to their truth than their stories.


I accept my duty as an authority by leading my clients confidently. I acknowledge that my client needs a guide who can gently and powerfully interrupt their patterns and pull them out of the weeds they’re stuck in. I commit to outlining a concise treatment plan with them so they can receive the highest level of healing. I respect my clients limits and autonomy, and act as a guide, not a crutch.


I acknowledge that my client may need nutritional, herbal, physical, psychological or medicinal support. I am not too proud to recommend other practitioners within our treatment plan. I put my personal desire for significance and validation aside in order to serve this person fully. I am not afraid to turn a client away if I intuitively know I cannot best serve them. 


I do not disempower my clients with pity or sympathy. I feel with them, I do not feel for them. I do not make what happened to them mean anything about who they are and what they’re capable of. I acknowledge the pain they’ve endured while remaining anchored to the light I see in them, and the reality I know they can create. 


I do not downplay or disregard the value of this work by feeling ashamed or weary of receiving for it. I receive money, praise and tips for my services with love, gratitude and pride. Liberating people of their deepest suffering is a worthy matter. I am blessed to create financial security for myself by facilitating this healing in my community. 


Our mission is to heal the healer, empower the humans, and shift the collective consciousness of the planet.

Vanessa and Kelsey