Do you feel like you're living in a constant state of reactivity to your daily necessities, rather than a space of inspired creativity ?

Look, I get it. "Inspired action" is a cute idea... BUT, you've got s#*t to do - and even though it's not necessarily inspiring, it's gotta get done. 

If being in business for yourself has become more of "putting fires out", rather than taking creative action toward the future you ACTUALLY want to create, you're not alone. 

Maybe you feel like something in your soul is restless, and you know you need change. 

But the thought of change right now, matched with your never ending to-do-list?
Well that's just over-f#&king-whelming..

If that's you, you're not broken, and you're not alone... 

This is a PIVOTAL MOMENT for you. It means you're ready to DISCOVER YOUR E.D.G.E. 

and Myself and Empowered Healers Academy are here to help.

  • Discover Your E.D.G.E is a 12 week mastermind designed to help you connect to the business and being you truly desire...

  • While slowing the f#%k down long enough for you to receive the clarity you desire... (Commanding this time for yourself is a huge declaration)

  • So you can truly create what you desire... In your business AND your being... (From a place of grounded awareness instead of reactive habit) 

This Mastermind is NOT about R.O.I's, PNL's, Sales Funnels and Marketing Tactics.

It's about exposing the subconscious limitations that are withholding you from running a business you truly love and feel nourished by.

It's about gifting yourself the space to drop the "strong face" everyone knows you as, so you can connect to the vulnerability required to create deep change. 

It's about doing ALL the emotional work that most entrepreneurs neglect. It's the real work that's actually going to help you become the person who can have (and keep) the business and fulfillment you truly want.

My name is Kimberley Hiebert, and your success is my retirement project. 

I know, it might sound weird, but hear me out. 

As a street kid who grew up on the East Side of Vancouver, my Mom's idea of success for me was being approved for welfare when I turned 18 (not kidding). 

I never took the welfare route, but I did gain something incredible from my Mom: The ability to HUSTLE.

From building a million-dollar popcorn business, to growing a sinking dance-wear company to 1/2 a Million dollars/year, to becoming a social worker, completing an Ironman, overcoming cancer and owning one of Edmonton's TOP rated pet food stores, my knowledge and resiliency in business and life cannot be learned through any university degree.

While most people have hobbies like painting, pottery, reading and the like, my favourite hobby is helping women create a FULFILLING business through their being (oh, and kicking my husbands ass at scrabble). 

I broke free of my families paradigms and created the life I deeply wanted financially, materially and spiritually... And the calling on my heart is to help you create the life YOU desire - and maybe don't even realize is possible, either.

  • You’re a "realist". You know that in order to get to your next level, it requires a level of uncomfortable action. With guidance and support, you're ready and willing to do the work required to reap the rewards. You don't want bandaid fixes, you're ready for the surgery.

  • It ain’t sexy, but you know you need to take more deliberate, strategic action, rather than just living in the rut of the day to day life that keeps you busy, but never truly moves you forward.

  • You feel like you’re drowning in a sea of awesome ideas and (as a result) overwhelms. You need someone to help you sort through the muck and organize your thoughts so you can take strategic, deliberate action, instead of spiralling in overwhelm and scrolling on instagram for hours on end.
  • You have amazing ideas and visions for your growth, but the thought of actually doing it makes you spiral into a daze of overwhelm when you remember the growing to-do list that keeps you too busy to take new action.

  • You feel lonely as an entrepreneur. People don’t really understand you or your problems. You need a crew of like-minded people who can hold you accountable, hold space for you, and prove that you’re not as crazy as you sometimes think you might be. 

  • You’ve been wanting mentorship and a trusted advisor that doesn’t project limiting beliefs onto you like friends and family (innocently) tend to. 
  • You’re desperate for money right off the bat. While this program WILL help you make more money as a byproduct of removing blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs, it is NOT set up to actually show you tactical marketing strategies. (There’s about a million free “how-to-market” videos on youtube anyways).

  • You’re brand spankin' new to business. We will NOT be focusing on how to set up taxes and LLC’s (If you don’t know what that means, this isn’t for you - unless of course, you're resourceful).

  • You’re not willing to get gritty and do the work. If you think that by simply paying another business coach a sum of money is what will change your life as if by magic, this is not for you. (Think of hiring a personal trainer and then not lifting a single weight in the gym).
  • You enjoy being the fireman in your business. AKA: You love living a life that is lacking intention and you LOVE living reactively and putting out fires all day every day.

  • You need strategic direction on branding and marketing. You WILL be inspired and ideas are bound to happen when you get a group of badass entrepreneurs in one room - but please know: branding and marketing strategy is NOT a focal point, rather it  is an organic byproduct. 

  • You don't understand or value the importance of mindset work. You firmly believe that if you "DO" more, you will create more, and you're not interested in "being" the person who attracts wealth, ease, joy, happiness and creation in business. 

Most business coaching programs are cookie cutter systems that don’t address you as an individual. Discover your E.D.G.E flips this model upside down.

You’re unique, and the coaching you receive will be, too.

We will do powerful group exercises, and you’ll still be held as a complete individual with 1:1 calls focused on you, and only you.

This 12 week experience is tailored specific to your needs, and will include:

  • 12 Weeks of Voxer Support (have Kim on speed dial in your back pocket for quick questions or serious S.O.S's)

  • 4 Group Mastermind Calls/Month (recorded, if you can’t make it live)

  • 2 PRIVATE Sessions with Kim (focused solely on YOU, and only you)

  • Private Community Group for support, celebration and collaboration (nuff’ said)

  • Radical Accountability (so you’re not meandering around getting swallowed by your growing to-do list)

  • Discover Your E.D.G.E Workbook mailed right to your house (these profound, guided exercises will rock your world AND your business)









PLEASE NOTE: The value of this Mastermind is well over $5,000. As a Beta Tester, in exchange for joining at a reduced rate, we ask that you provide a full written testimonial or video testimonial at the end of your experience. 

Your success story is what will help us launch this program globally, for triple the investment.
Please do not join if you do not intend on fully showing up. 

Listen to what Kelsey from Empowered Healers Academy has to say about Discover Your E.D.G.E

If you're caught in the loop of thinking you need to learn more marketing strategies, you likely actually need mindset work. 

Kim and her system, 'Discover Your E.D.G.E' will help you BECOME the person who has wealth, ease, happiness, joy, and whatever it is that you truly desire in your business.  

That's when the strategies and tactics will actually begin to work for you.

Join the BETA Group (only 6 spots available)


WEDNESDAYS from SEPTEMBER 30TH to DECEMBER 16TH at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
(Hop on live for the full thing, or part of it - if you can't make it, they'll be recorded)


PLEASE NOTE: The value of this Mastermind is well over $5,000. As a Beta Tester, in exchange for joining at a reduced rate, we ask that you provide a full written testimonial at the end of your experience. 

Please do not join if you do not intend on fully showing up. 

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