Kelsey Eigler

Co-Founder, Visionary, Marketing Wizard, Reality Bender.

Kelsey is a big hearted, outspoken, polarizing wall-flower, rarely spotted out past 9 pm.

Being the co-creator of a trauma healing modality may seem like an odd pursuit, considering her foul language and neck tattoo - but going against the grain is what she’s known for.

Rocking radical transparency and the ability to make even the blackest sheep feel normal, many people feel like they know her, but very few actually get the opportunity to.

Her highly engaging and entertaining lectures within her academy are both magnetic and ironic, considering she didn’t even finish high school.

Showing her community how to break free from societal chains, pressures and limitations is one of her main driving forces, proving first hand that you can bend reality and create the life you WANT - regardless of external noise, personal history or archaic paradigms.

Often found wearing a hat and sipping on bougie water, Kelsey’s endless ideas and ability to think outside the box will have you inspired to create new realms you never thought possible.

With her and Vanessa’s spontaneous move to The Sunshine Coast, you’ll find her getting lost in their back 40 rainforest, taking photos of her beloved Italian Mastiff and stunning ragdoll, scaling mossy banks, or sipping americano’s on the ocean side.

The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT, Kelsey Eigler

Random Facts:

  • Strongly prefers eating off pure white plates
  • Only wears mens underwear (Must have thick waist bands, usually Calvin Klein)
  • Obsessed with Lions, Elephants, Rhinos… and basically all animals
  • Would accidentally rather cause a collision to avoid hitting even a dragonfly
  • Often screams, loudly, when driving by a field of cows (which happened often when she lived in Alberta)
  • She’s ALL about balance: Which explains her BIG HEART and... criminal record
  • Favourite Movie of ALL TIME: The Lion King
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: The sound of chewing and people who litter or lie
  • Favourite Artist of ALL TIME: First Place - Brandi Carlile, Second Place - Eminem (remember, balance)
  • Biggest Fear: Regretting not going ALL in on unrealistic goals

Vanessa Groshong
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT, Vanessa Groshong

Co-Founder, Lead Facilitator, Conductor of Healing in the realm of Magic

Charming and compassionate, with a healthy dose of “don’t f#%k with me”, Vanessa’s essence may be the medicine and mentor your soul’s been longing for.

Those who know Vanessa have realized; you can run, you can hide, but she will still see you. All of you. This is both terrifying and magnetizing.

How does she do it? How is she able to see your deepest secrets and relieve you of their burdens within minutes of being in her presence?

This is the magic that she’s known for empowering healers with, within her academy, as well as clients in her private practice reserved for those who are ready to heal the unthinkable.

Vanessa’s acupuncture sessions are an amalgamation of the ancient chinese wisdom, intertwined with her own magic, quickly making her one of Edmonton’s most sought out acupuncturists.

When she’s not rocking people worlds, her favourite past times include making Orgonite, sitting by the beach, sipping americano’s with her hilarious wife, and ripping through the rainforest on her Rad Runner plus.

Vanessa is someone you’ll quickly fall in-love with, simply because of her ability to guide you to fall in-love with yourself.

Random Facts:

  • Could eat rice every single day for the rest of my life

  • Has literal difficulty distinguishing between colors. Especially yellow vs. orange, blue vs. black

  • Will instinctively crush bugs out of fear (much to her Wife’s dismay)

  • Created a 10 piece androgynous fashion line and presented it at Canada Western Fashion Week

  • Oddly delighted with the muscle twitch response that an acu needle can provoke

  • She’s ALL about balance: Which explains her BIG HEART and... criminal record

  • Favourite Movie of ALL TIME: Avatar

  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Sarcasm, the sound of dogs bathing

  • Can access a shockingly deep voice for her petit frame (legit baritone)

  • Favourite Artist of ALL TIME: Michael Jackson and Brandi Carlile

  • Biggest Fear: Kelsey dying unexpectedly

Amanda Roth
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT, Amanda Roth

Potion Master

Is it possible to have your hand held and your ass kicked at the same time? Well, if you ask Amanda it is.

Uncompromising in her mission to bring out the best in you as a human, practitioner and world changer, Amanda is dedicated to building a movement of no BS, real AF alternative health practitioners; included, but not limited to, Potion Masters, in her unique Herbal Certification Program; Potion Class.

When she is not getting teary over Neville, her favourite Harry Potter character, she can be found teaching at Grant Mac University, doing her best to walk the walk and talk the talk, demonstrating to her students what a badass clinician and educator can be.

Her students know her as gleefully blunt, with the capacity to keep you on your toes while simultaneously creating a sense of ease in her presence. She will teach you how to hold all the parts of your wild and contradictory self, while holding radical space for those who you serve.

If you are ready to give 100%, she is ready to pull you towards the highest version of yourself - kicking and screaming if need be...After all, tears are nothing to be afraid of.


Ashley Valliere

Embodied Human

At a glance AshVal might seem intimidating and intense. Her posture commands authority and you’ll get this feeling that she’s looking at you a little different, and that’s because she is.

AshVal is skilled and highly attuned to the nuances of human behaviour, movement and language, and how each of them affects the entire being. She reads between the lines to see your truth, helping you become a truly Embodied Human.

One of her favourite slogans is ‘Consistency breeds trust’ and she helps you apply this to every relationship in your life, most importantly the one you have with yourself. When you trust your mind, body and soul, your life has no choice but to get better.

She’s not all work and no play though. AshVal is the Queen of dry humour and dad jokes and would dance to Taylor Swift all day given the chance. She’s also an aspiring cook and makes one of the meanest French onion soups out there.

Once you get past the intimidation factor you’ll find AshVal is one of the easiest most grounded and non judgmental people to be around and you falling in love with yourself is her greatest reward.


The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT, Ashley Valliere
Kimberley Hiebert
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT, Kimberley Hiebert

Mindset with E.D.G.E.

Witty, charming and wildly entertaining, Kim’s sense of humour and engaging personality is one that will immediately put you at ease.

But don’t be fooled by this; She also has a bullshit meter that is well tuned and she’s not afraid to use it. Her ability to powerfully and compassionately call you out when you’re not being truthful with yourself is the very thing she’s known for.

From growing up as a street kid in the lower East Side in Vancouver, to selling one million dollars in popcorn, owning multiple businesses, becoming a social worker, completing an Ironman and battling cancer, this woman’s knowledge and resiliency in business and life cannot be learned through any university degree.

While most people have hobbies like painting, pottery, reading and the like, Kim’s favourite hobby is business. She loves everything business and thinking outside of the box. She especially loves helping other business owners, leaders and changemakers see the realization of their dreams. This is her retirement project!

Yup, her RETIREMENT project. You won’t find this Grandma of 8 baking cookies in the kitchen (she’s a terrible baker), but what you will find is a highly energetic, smart AF woman who loves to laugh, and is committed to helping you sort through the shit that’s required for you to show up for yourself, do the work you came here to do, and reconnect to your best life.


Kaylee Fraser

The Demon Slayer

I grew up living a modern day gypsy lifestyle, travelling and racing chuckwagon horses all across western Canada and I am always looking for the adrenaline rush of real, raw horse power thundering across the dirt beneath me.

I’ve always been known to be strong as fuck, both physically and mentally – repping out 300+ pound hip thrusts in the gym takes muscle and a strong mindset.

I am a wild woman and I unapologetically embrace all of the wild within, always reconnecting to my truth, and to my badass channelling and healing skills.

I have learned to follow my awareness and intuition even when it seems completely irrational, even when it calls me to go out dancing naked in the woods when the rain is pouring down, to cleanse and clear my mind, body and spirit.

I am often referred to as the “demon slayer”, because I am not afraid to fiercely show up and dive deep with you, pushing you out of your comfort zone, smashing barriers with tough love and yet be right beside you when the shit storm arrives and guide you right through it.

I am a healer and I smile when people call me crazy, because I know what I am capable of and I know that there is so much more that is possible for you, that you never even imagined yet.


The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT, Kaylee Fraser