Vanessa Groshong British Columbia (BC) Online and In-Person S.I.T. Book Now
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Amanda Piasta British Columbia (BC) Online S.I.T., Generational Healing Book Now
Ashley Valliere (AshVal) Alberta (AB) Online S.I.T. Book Now
Danielle Radke Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy Book Now
Lorene McMillan Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Reiki, Hypnosis Book Now
Karen Eigler Alberta (AB) Online S.I.T., Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Touch Book Now
Brenna Bouchard R.Ac. Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Acupuncture, Reiki, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Book Now
Raelynn Haughian Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Family Therapy, Trauma, PTSD, First Responders Book Now
Laren Stensrud Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Access Bars, Massage, Physiokey Key Therapy, Migraines, Back Pain, Insomnia Book Now
Raluca Minzicu Sacalean Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T. Book Now
Pam Wagil Alberta (AB) Online S.I.T., Maternal Wellness Book Now
Leah Tabitha Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Trauma, Abuse, Maternal Wellness Book Now
Kimberley Hiebert Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Social Work Book Now
Kristen Aschenbrenner Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Somatic Sex Education Book Now
Amanda Roth Alberta (AB) Online S.I.T., Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Fertility Book Now
Natasha Dancause Alberta (AB) Online S.I.T., Restore Your Core, Pelvic Floor Imbalance, Meditation Book Now
Kaylee Fraser Online and In-Person S.I.T., Emotional Trauma, Equine Therapy, Animal Therapy Book Now
Ashley Lylick Online S.I.T., Self-Care, General Health & Welnness Book Now
Roxi Campbell Online S.I.T., Massage Therapy Book Now
Jenn Howland, L.Ac Iowa, USA Online S.I.T., Acupuncture Book Now
Jennifer Langridge Online and In-Person S.I.T., Acupuncture Book Now
Kim Lye Alberta (AB) In-Person S.I.T., Acupuncture Book Now
Krystal-Rose DeHaan Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Bars, Access Consciousness, Animal Therapy Book Now
Marci Stockton Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Access Bars, Reiki Book Now
Nicole Broadhurst Alberta (AB) In-Person S.I.T., Fertility, Sexuality, Emotional Trauma, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine Book Now
Rana Abdelkarim Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T., Massage Therapy, Cupping, Reiki Book Now
Sarah Marie Gregory Alberta (AB) Online and In-Person S.I.T. Book Now
Suzy Alcantara Alberta (AB) In-Person S.I.T., Massage Therapy, Cupping, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Access Bar Book Now
Taylore Primrose Alberta (AB) In-Person S.I.T., PTSD, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Bleeding, Access Bars Book Now
Vanessa Groshong

Vanessa Groshong

BIO: Founder and Lead Facilitator.
Vanessa Groshong is currently accepting V.I.P clients for Subconscious Imprinting sessions.

By booking with Vanessa, you agree to her premium rate of $300/session and becoming a V.I.P client on her priority schedule.

OFFERING: Online and offline

WEBSITE: https://square.site/book/

Danielle Radke

Kelsey Eigler

BIO: Founder, Visionary, Marketing Director

Do you have a badass idea for a program that would be congruent with EHA's vision and values? Pitch it to me. 

Do you want to build a movement based brand of your own? Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd? Set up your home studio? Launch a podcast? Learn how to write copy that sells and compels? 

These are things I love consulting my clients on. I let the army handle the healing; my focus is on business growth strategies.

email [email protected] to get in touch.

Ashval (Ashley Valliere)

Ashval (Ashley Valliere)

BIO: At a glance AshVal might seem intimidating and intense. Her posture commands authority and you’ll get this feeling that she’s looking at you a little different, and that’s because she is. AshVal is skilled and highly attuned to the nuances of human behaviour, movement and language, even through a computer screen. She reads between the lines to see your truth, this is why she’s known as the Body Whisperer.

One of the favourite slogans is ‘Consistency breeds trust’ and she helps you apply this to every relationship in your life, most importantly the one you have with yourself. When you trust yourself mind, body and soul your life has no choice but to get better. She’s not all work and no play though. AshVal is the Queen of dry humour and dad jokes and would dance to Taylor Swift all day given the chance. Also she's an aspiring cook and makes one of the meanest French onion soups out there. Once you get past the intimidation factor you’ll find AshVal is one of the easiest most grounded and non judgemental people to be around and you falling in love with yourself is her greatest reward.


WEBSITE: https://square.site/book/3FJ3SQRE8066F/embodied-human

EMAIL: [email protected]

Amanda Piasta

Amanda Piasta

BIO: I am a highly sensitive, intuitive, empath who has overcome adversity in alcohol abuse and identity crises. I followed my intuition and knowledge of the Higher Self to lead me to S.I.T. where I've developed an intensive method to uncover and resolve issues related to sleep and energy levels. If you're constantly tired or fatigued, I'll take you on a generational healing journey to break patterns that you're holding for you AND your family and help you feel revitalized again. Fun fact, I love to sing.


WEBSITE: https://apiasta.com/heal

Danielle Radke

BIO: I am an aspiring yogi, a philomath and a wanderlust at heart. But, beyond those aspects, you can also find me helping support people on their healing journeys. I love treating the body from a mind, body and spirit connection. The more complex the case the better - as most of my clients find me as a "last resort" because they've tried everything else. I'm all about the emotions and making magic happen by connecting dots between emotional stressors and physical symptoms for clients.

Then aside from S.I.T., I also blend massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and aromatherapy into my sessions to really approach the client from a whole-body perspective. The clients I love serving the most are those with the most complex symptoms that the Dr.'s can't find anything wrong with. The ones who have tried every treatment and nothing has worked. Yet, they are still open to receiving help and courageous enough to keep showing up for themselves. Although my clientele consists pretty much of anyone and everyone, I always LOVE treating my pediatric and animal clients. They are cutest, most responsive and quickest to achieve results (especially the horses)!!

OFFERING: Online and in person

WEBSITE: www.nourishhealthandwellness.net

EMAIL: [email protected]

Stony Plain Acupuncture & Wellness
located at #107 - 5013 48 St, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1L8

Lorene McMillan - Rooted Soul

Lorene McMillan - Rooted Soul

My passion is to live my best life while helping others to be happier and healthier both physically and mentally. 

The obstacles I have faced led me down this incredibly beautiful path and I could not be more grateful for my now savage intuition and awareness. 

I have expanded my knowledge in Reiki as well as Hypnosis which both complement SIT. 

If you are willing to show up and receive help; I will always hold space for you regardless of your journey - without judgement. Always remember; your experiences do not define you.

I am happy to facilitate SIT sessions in person as well as virtual sessions over Zoom. The fact that I can be a part of your healing journey wherever you are in the world; completely lights me up.

If you feel drawn to reach out, please do and get excited about uncovering the real you. 


OFFERING: Online and in person

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 403 740 2909

LOCATED: Stettler, AB

Karen Eigler

Karen Eigler

BIO: My name is Karen Eigler and for as long as I can remember I have sought out self improvement and the natural healing arts. The truth is I never really got parented in my formative years & learned some difficult lessons in the school of hard knocks. I didn’t want to be the typical high school drop out statistic, so, I took matters into my own hands and dealt head on with that which stagnated me and I forced myself to grow.

Upon witnessing some astounding transformations in people close to me; I knew I had to add SIT to my healers tool box. I’m also trained in several types of Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique & Quantum Touch to name a few; however, SIT is my most effective modality with the others being support tools. Who do I like to work with? I like to re-introduce people to themselves; their real selves, not the self they were told to be.

I invite those who want to step into their power to work with me. I like to help free people from their prison of pain; be it physical, emotional or mental. I’ll facilitate your journey to the root of your pain with compassion, neutrality and if needed, a dash of tough love & truth bombs. Sassy fact: My inner badass authentic self is known as Missy and her favourite hash tag is #idowhatiwant and together we will guide you through your breakthrough to joy, freedom, self worth, empowerment & purpose!


EMAIL: [email protected]

Brenna Bouchard R.Ac

Brenna Bouchard R.Ac

BIO: I am extremely passionate about helping others live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. Whether this means kicking your nagging pain, getting an edge on performance, quelling your anxiety or finally living your truth - I’m your person! You really can have it all, you just need a strong noodle backing you up! Along with S.I.T., I’m also an acupuncturist, reiki practitioner, certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. I’m also a competitive tackle football player, as well as a football coach, so I understand how important it is to have a strong mental state for performance, as well as everyday joy, abundance and fulfilment. While my approach to treatment is always holistic (including mind, body and spirit); I also try to maintain a sense of ease and humour within my treatments, which I feel is crucial for effective sessions. Bad jokes, ahoy!

OFFERING: Online and in person

WEBSITE: http://www.fortsaskacupuncture.com/ 

PHONE: (587) 285-8012

Fort Saskatchewan Acupuncture,
301 - 10101 86 Ave, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 0E6

Raelynn Haughian - Be Still Healing

Raelynn Haughian - Be Still Healing

BIO: Raelynn is a straight shooting, wear her heart and mind on her sleeve kind of girl. She’s never quite “fit in with the crowd” however her never give up attitude, combined with her gritty determination and resiliency meant she found her own way! And while this may sound intimidating AF, truth be told, underneath all that is a soft hearted soul looking to help others.

Her time as a Primary Care Paramedic (EMT) and 911/Fire dispatcher, means Raelynn is no stranger to seeing humans in their most scared and vulnerable moments and yet, this is where she shines…providing a safe space for the wounded to land…she is a protector for all who have been wounded and need love.

Her authenticity and desire for deep and meaningful conversations leaves no room for surprises of what you are going to get with her. She’s a passionate Enneagram 8 (wing 7), challenges the social norm, speaks out for injustices, and is passionate about helping others find their voices so they may take back their power.
Always hungry to learn and willing/ready to ask the hard questions, Raelynn is a student of life and strives to learn from her own experiences, those around her, and from reputable scholars. As a quick thinker and processor it challenges her to seek out new info and learning every day. Maintaining the “status quo” is NOT her thing!

OFFERING: Online and in person

EMAIL: [email protected]

LOCATION: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Lauren Stensrud

Lauren Stensrud

BIO: Hey I’m Lauren and I’m just your friendly neighbourhood healer, on a mission to create expansion and truth in myself and others around me! Having received Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner Training and my background as a massage therapist, it allows me to bring my clients awareness to their physical body and their emotional body. In my treatments we may use a combination of SubConscious Imprinting, Access Bars, Massage and Physiokey Key Therapy, all customized to address your individual goals (this varies based on in person or virtual treatments) Subconscious Imprinting was the catalyst of great change in my practice and my own personal growth.

It has opened up a whole new world for me. One I never thought was possible. We may not be a good fit if you aren’t willing to work as a team or are looking for “the next quick fix” solution or person to heal you. You are whole and complete as you are, I am here to facilitate and help you harness your existing inner badass/warrior/god/goddess.

I love working with all patterns of dis-ease and how that shows up in each individual on their healing journey; I do have a specialist interest in folks who:

  • tend to give more of themselves to others before they acknowledge their own needs
  • people looking to seek more ease and abundance in their lives
  • people struggling with Migraines, TMJ and Lower back pain
  • people who are battling insomnia, restless sleeps and waking up exhausted.

OFFERING: Online and offline

WEBSITE: https://square.site/book/SW1FXS4M1AHAW/knead-therapeutic-massage-therapy

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 7808876525

ADDRESS: Iava Wellness, Unit #1, 9343 50th Street, NW Edmonton AB T6B 2L5

Raluca Minzicu/Sacalean

Raluca Sacalean is a mother, wife, nature lover, plant hoarder, massage therapist, clairsentient, yoga teacher, energy healer, and the list could go on. She is a lifetime student, bringing and sharing a vast and diverse knowledge to those in need of transformation and to deeply connect with themselves. Having an intimate relationship with self and an understanding of your physical sensations is critical, as they guide you through the experiences and nuances of your life.

Raluca is intrigued by how our physical body is a manifestation of how the emotional body and mind have engaged with and stored life experiences. A keen observer, a soul reader, and a compassionate listener, Raluca can easily detect and connect the very hidden aspects of yourself, which can take you on a journey of discovery.

Through her attune touch, clairsentient abilities, body language techniques and specialized training, Raluca creates a unique way of freedom in her bodywork, evoking, activating and connecting people to their own souls.

By playing out stories from our subconscious and assuming roles we believe we should adopt in order to be loved, accepted, and successful, unintentionally places us in a state of disconnection with ourselves. Raluca’s mission is to empower you to discover and heal these disconnections, so that you may experience ease, joy and freedom. Healing happens when your heart, your body and your soul are finally one.

The moments when you are truly present, allow you to experience and see the beauty in life. You will then begin to vibrate with the understanding of the true possibilities and endless miracles of living.

OFFERING: Online and in person

WEBSITE: http://www.edmontonshouseofhealing.com

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 780-504-8629

ADDRESS: 107 Rhatigan Rd E NW.

Pam Wagil

BIO: Helping overwhelmed mom’s go from chaos and confusion to calm and confident, because you deserve to be the most mindful mom you know. I’m here to work with the change-makers. The community contributors and the conscious leaders of the next generation. Parents, families, the “there’s more to life” crowd. People ready to heal the generations before us, because buried feelings never die. People ready to light up the world and how we view it. People ready to learn that we are the creators of our future. People ready to enjoy life and all it has to offer.

Mindful Momming is a place for heart centred parents to seek tools they can use, to be the best guide’s they can be, for their children. A place to transform parenting and change your life. After working with families in corporate, education and not-for-profit settings for nearly 20 years, I felt it was time for me to create something I think our world can use a little more of.

Authenticity. Connection. Contribution. Caring. Creativity.


WEBSITE: www.mindfulmomming.ca

PHONE: 780-886-7266

LOCATED: Sturgeon County, AB

Leah Tabitha

BIO: After experiencing loss of self through abuse and religious oppression since childhood, I realized I had been submerging my pain into trying to be "Mother of the Year" and attempting to create the perfect family on paper. I had become burnt out and my health was failing. Out of necessity, I quickly began my healing journey that led me traveling across our entire continent and back to find myself and thankfully came home to Subconscious Imprinting Technique.

Since receiving intense healing through SIT therapy, I have become passionate about helping fellow abuse survivors, over burdened busy moms and the burnt out do-er's/fixers, heal from trauma. Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, or religion causing physical and/or emotional pain withholding you from living your most full and authentic life, SIT therapy works! I love working with clients in person in the Edmonton area or virtually on Zoom who are ready to burst through boundaries and barriers and step into their full truth.

The beautiful thing about energy based therapy is that we can work together from anywhere! I’m excited to help you become liberated of the programming or limitations that are no longer serving you so you may also connect to your healthiest, happiest and most real, version of your badass Self!

OFFERING: Online and offline

EMAIL: [email protected]

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB

Kimberley Hiebert

BIO: I am a BADASS Business Coach…I use S.I.T. along with my 30 years of business experience and 15 years of social work to help you break through limits, barriers and resistance to bring your business to the next level. IF you are ready to DISCOVER YOUR EDGE in business…reach out…and let’s get shit done!

OFFERING: Online and in person

WEBSITE: www.kimberleyvalerie.com

PHONE: 780 952 0907

ADDRESS: Edmonton, AB

Kristen Aschenbrenner

BIO:  Kristen is a Somatic Sex Educator with a passion for guiding others into a place of empowerment, in and out of the bedroom. She strives to meet clients where they are at – giving themselves the opportunity to be the expert of their experience, while she provides the service of holding space and guiding them to further expand their evolution. S.I.T is a piece of the puzzle, and can be done on it’s own or incorporated with other somatic techniques and exercises.

While working with sexual afflictions, boundary setting, and expanding your capacity for pleasure all feel very aligned for Kristen, she is also keen to serve those looking to shift their limiting beliefs, unconscious and familial patterns, as well as those with unresolved chronic pain issues.

Both SSE & S.I.T work best with multiple sessions, so book a discovery call today to see if you make a good fit, and a custom plan can be made to best support your goals and needs.

Offering in person sessions out of her home studio in Edmonton, Alberta, as well as virtual via Zoom.

OFFERING: Online and Offline

WEBSITE: http://calendly.com/altereros

ADDRESS: Edmonton

Amanda Roth R.Ac, RMT, RH, FABORM

BIO: Is it possible to have your hand held and your ass kicked at the same time? Well, if you ask Amanda it is. Uncompromising in her mission to bring out the best in you as a human, practitioner and world changer, Amanda is dedicated to building a movement of no BS, real AF alternative health masters.

When she is not getting teary over Neville, her favourite Harry Potter character, she can be found at Grant Mac University, doing her best to walk the walk and talk the talk, demonstrating to her students what a badass clinician and educator can be. Her students know her as gleefully blunt, with the capacity to keep you on your toes while creating a sense of ease in her presence. She will teach you how to hold all the parts of your wild and contradictory self, while holding radical space for those who you serve. If you are ready to give 100%, she is ready to pull you towards the highest version of yourself - kicking and screaming if need be...After all, tears are nothing to be afraid of. 


WEBSITE: www.amandarothacupuncture.com

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 780.932.5128

Natasha Dancause

Natasha Dancause

BIO: Greetings I am Natasha and I have worked with vulnerable children and families since 1996. I am a Restore Your Core ©️ certified teacher, helper of pelvic floor imbalances. I also teach meditation and facilitate Subconscious Imprinting (S.I.T.). S.I.T. is a technique/process to uncover trapped trauma in our bodies and release it. 🦋 ⁣ I am excited to walk this journey with you, peeling the layers of the artichoke away to see what might be holding you back, and free you of the patterns not serving you anymore. 💛


WEBSITE: https://www.instagram.com/natasha.dancause/

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 780-232-8719

Kaylee Fraser

BIO: I always thought I was normal, till I realized my gifts are a little wilder than that... In July 2019 I followed my irrational awareness to join K&V in the S.I.T. program and it has opened my eyes, transformed and expanded my life. I was shown a world, spiritually as well as mentally, on a deeper level than I had ever known... in this lifetime ;) I grew up a country girl, a cowgirl, forever in love with all things horses. Which in 2010, led me to become a certified equine therapist, doing body work (adjustments & massage) on performance horses. And how cool is it that I have been able to incorporate Subconscious Imprinting with my equine therapy work?! Helping horses release on a deeper level than just their physical body.

I also discovered how much horses and dogs will hold for their owners and I have been able to do work on releasing and healing these emotional turned physical issues. My favourite sessions to facilitate are the ones where energies, emotions and traumas are rooted deep and need a little extra prompting to be released so the healing and transformation can occur.

Sometimes these sessions even end up as past life regression healings. I love the results my clients have been able to receive when they are ready to dive deep into these types of healings and fully trust me to guide them. It was in S.I.T. class when I really discovered and was able to receive my channelling abilities that I never realized I had.

I have channelled spirits, people, animals and emotions which helps me to get clearer with my work. I am extremely grateful to be able to use Subconscious Imprinting to transform peoples’ lives. I facilitate S.I.T. sessions in person at my Transformation Station by Wetaskiwin Alberta, as well as Virtual sessions over Zoom, which opens worldwide possibility!

OFFERING: Online and in person

WEBSITE: linktr.ee/kayleefraser

Amanda Roth R.Ac, RMT, RH, FABORM

Ashley Lylick

BIO: I am an advocate of work-life balance and self-care with a diverse background – previously working in health care and the oil + gas sector. As someone who continues to heal from her own PTSD and adrenal fatigue – I understand the importance of finding balance and healing. Due to this, I have built strong beliefs about ensuring people care for themselves first, so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

On my journey as a healer I have obtained my Masters in Reiki, Access the BARS – Access Consciousness, and as a Registered Yoga Instructor, I have over 500+ hours of training - ranging from meditation to Nidra, philosophy to Ayurveda, as well as BEology and PTSD-Trauma specific trainings. Formally I am have received certifications in Disability Management and Occupational Health & Safety and am currently completing my Diploma in Acupuncture with Grant MacEwan University. As I continue to grow, I plan to expand my knowledge in botanical medicine and neurofeedback, so that I may offer a well-rounded and wholistic practice.

Who would I like to work with? I am enjoy working with people who struggle with work-life balance and self-care. These are the individuals that have a hard time saying no out of fear of guilt and obligation. These are individuals that feel burnt out and like they have no drive. These are individuals who need help finding confidence in their breath and bodies.

Or if you are not sure but just want to experience S.I.T. and what the magic is all about? I am your girl! In the next few months, I will be expanding my services to 4 Points Health & Wellness in Edmonton, AB and will continue to offer S.I.T. sessions virtually via Zoom. To inquire and book please email or text at this time as my website is currently under construction!


EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 780-984-2233

Roxi Campbell

BIO: As a Massage Therapist I became an advocate for body awareness and what the body may be trying to express. As I worked with chronic pain and chronic stress patients, I knew in my soul there was something missing between body work and emotional health.

After personally suffering a case of corporate burnout, and in truth an identity crisis, I became an advocate for self healing and mental health. Subconscious Imprinting Technique has given me the missing link I needed to help my clients, as well as reacquaint myself with my true passions. As a yogi, a massage therapist and mindfulness practitioner, I can help you connect deeply with your breath and body, in a safe and calm environment. You’ll leave your sessions feeling truly Zen. If you are ready to open your heart and explore the magic within yourself, I am here to help guide you along the way. Much Love and Ease.


WEBSITE: https://healing-with-roxi.square.site/

EMAIL: [email protected]

Jenn Howland, LAc

Jenn Howland, LAc

BIO: It is my passion and mission to help as many people as possible reconnect with their health and at the same time open up to receive more success and abundance in life!

Do you ever feel stuck or stagnant, unable to get over something? My work centers around helping people move through old blocks and paradigms to uncover the most authentic version of themselves and their unique gifts. I am a Five Element Acupuncturist and a Subconscious Imprinting Technique certified practitioner. Call or email me if you are ready to let go of what's holding you back and finally move forward in your life with more ease, in your body, mind and spirit.

OFFERING: Online and offline

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 1-303-907-0468

ADDRESS: Fairfield, Iowa, US

Jennifer Langridge

BIO: Jennifer is an Acupuncturist who has a passion for guiding people along their healing journey. She strongly believes that everyone has the capacity to heal because the body intuitively wants to be in a state of homeostasis. By using Acupuncture and/or Subconscious Imprinting she allows her clients to recognize their true potential while gently guiding their body to a state of health.

She offers a number of modalities with her treatment including cupping, guasha, moxa, Reiki, and Subconscious Imprinting. Jennifer’s mind body approach is refreshing; she takes each client’s constitution and history into consideration no matter what she is treating. Jennifer can treat a number of things including pain, anxiety, depression, digestive issues along with so much more.

PHONE: 780-274-0189

Kim Lye

BIO: I currently live in St. Albert with my husband and 2 young kids and work out of a clinic where I work as a Registered Acupuncturist and Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner. Most of my treatments involve both acupuncture and subconscious imprinting together. I find the mix between both modalities to be incredibly powerful and healing. Like most, my healing journey started when I hit my rock bottom. My son was just a baby at the time, but he was, to put it nicely, an incredibly difficult baby. I was severely sleep deprived and I had hit a point where I didn’t like who I had become or where I was headed. It was that moment I decided to change the trajectory of my life, which lead me to subconscious imprinting. I am so passionate about helping others release old patterns and find their voice. I love working with people who are ready to be done suffering with whatever they are suffering from, and get their life back.


WEBSITE: http://kimlyleacupuncture.com

PHONE: 780-419-2600

ADDRESS: St Albert

Krystal-Rose DeHaan

BIO: I used to be a professional engineer, a manager of a technical team in the corporate world; but the truth is, I've always been a little different. Through the trials that I've overcome in my life, I have learned that the work I am doing here, helping you, is more important than any desk job. As a SIT Practitioner, I can help you unlock the missing pieces to your recovery. I also offer The Bars and other Body Processes from Access Consciousness to both you and your pets, because all of the animals deserve to recover from what we have been through.

Servicing Bragg Creek, Cochrane, Turner Valley, SW Calgary and surrounding areas.

OFFERING: Online and Offline

WEBSITE: http://www.dehaanimal.com/book-online

PHONE: 403-949-2378

ADDRESS: Calgary

Natasha Dancause

Marci Stockton

BIO: Are the painful memories of your past still haunting you and keeping you stuck? Have you ever felt like there was an invisible barrier keeping you from live a happier, healthier, more abundant life? This was my story, until I hit my breaking point and chose a new path.

My name is Marci Stockton, and I am an empowered empath, miracles coach and healer, on a mission to help change the status of people not living to their fullest potential.

What if I told you that many of life’s problems you are facing today is the result of unresolved pain, repressed emotions or trauma held within your bodies cellular memory? What if healing your pain and restoring the mind-body connection could allow you more control over your health and your life than you ever thought possible? I have spent years studying the bodies brilliant capacity for healing and the profound influence our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions have over every aspect of our lives.

Subconscious Imprinting was a catalyst for my own personal growth and healing, so whether it is your health, relationships or finances that are crying out for support, using the tools of S.I.T, Access Bars, and Reiki, I can help you break through limitations and shift into much healthier patterns. It takes courage to do this work, learning to love yourself and finding your self worth, but once you do, you’ll discover you have all the power within you to make any change you desire. I work with clients virtually on ZOOM or in person I can be found on Mondays at the Fort Macleod Chiropractic clinic, 521 25th Street. I am committed to showing you that you are worthy of freedom, love and success in every aspect of your life. Reach out to me if you are ready to release the suffering and reclaim your life.

OFFERING: Online and Offline

WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/MiraclesCoaching

PHONE: 403-331-7687

ADDRESS: Fort Macleod

Nicole Broadhurst


Nicole is an Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medial Doctor and SIT practitioner. She works out of Edmonton and Sherwood Park, AB and specializes in Sexual health and reproductive medicine. Along with chronic pain and all types of emotional suffering. Nicole enjoys working with people who are wanting to uncover the root of what is contributing to their suffering or their illness. If you are looking for "more" and cannot quite seem to figure out how to get there, Nicole is the practitioner to see. You may not be a good fit if you are not ready to work as a team or are looking for someone (or something) to "fix" all of your problems quickly. Nicole is here to empower you and guide you, not fix you. You are whole and complete and do not need fixing.

Mondays : 2 - 6:30 pm (Reveal Wellness)
Tuesday : 2:15 - 8:00 pm (Park Integrative Health)
Thursday : 8:00 - 2:00 pm (Park Integrative Health)

OFFERING: In person

WEBSITE: http://www.drnicolebroadhurst.com

PHONE: 780-570-8480

ADDRESS: Edmonton

Amanda Roth R.Ac, RMT, RH, FABORM

Rana Abdelkarim

BIO: I’m a former Registered Nurse turned Massage Therapist, Cupping, Reiki & Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner. My journey has been long and arduous, and it is the gift of surviving both abuse and bipolar disorder that has allowed me to experience both the patient and the healthcare professional side.

It has led me to the realization that while awareness does not equal change, boy, is awareness the most important catalyst for change! I have a gift for seeing people for who they really are - beyond their masks of patterns, trauma, belief systems, and all the other bullshit. You know the one? The one that is confident, walks on water, loves themselves and others unconditionally. Looks at the world with boundless curiousity and infinite positive regard. The one with the potential to literally do anything and everything in this lifetime.

Through Subconscious Imprinting, my extensive study of the human body and exploration of spirit, I can help you connect those dots, so you can find your way back to that most authentic version of who you are. I have a soft spot for clients who want to make peace with the pain of mental health. If I sound like I may be a fit for you, book that (free) discovery call. I can’t wait to meet (the real) you.

OFFERING: Online and offline

WEBSITE: http://www.theegyptiantemptress.com

ADDRESS: Edmonton

Sarah Marie Gregory

BIO: I'm Sarah. I'm passionate about connection to nature, creating art, and helping others move towards a state of total mind, body, and spirit health.

I proudly stand in my power as a healer, nurse, artist, and entrepreneur. I'm here to help you Find Your Wild and get back to your authentic self - to unleash your full potential, feel the best you can, and step into your power as the amazing human being that you already are.

I currently offer Virtual Subconscious Imprinting sessions and guidance in natural supplementation to help your physical body feel it's best.


WEBSITE: http://www.sarahmarie.ca

ADDRESS: Canmore

Ashval (Ashley Valliere)

Suzy Alcantara

BIO: Suzy is a Registered Massage Therapist, mother, wife, daughter and entrepreneur. Her massage sessions are beyond what you would expect in your typical massage. Understanding what you feel in your body and where you feel pain is important to her, so she will take the time to get to know you. In her treatments, she is able to take that information, then use her techniques to see where your body is experiencing tension or pain that you might have not been aware of. She is always ready to offer some education from the western medical side and the eastern holistic side. Her aim is always to give a full body treatment and her sessions usually include cupping, aromatherapy, shiatsu, Reiki, Access Bars and of course SIT.

Suzy loves working with any demographic as long as they are ready to dive deep into their healing. She has a soft spot for those who are in transition, maybe moving from another country, looking to start a new career or retiring, or stepping into parenthood. She relates best to those who often give more of themselves to others than they do for themselves and offers a beautiful and safe space to heal.

OFFERING: In person

WEBSITE: http://www.revealwellness.ca

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Danielle Radke

Taylore Primrose

BIO: My name is Taylore, I grew up on a farm in rural Alberta - just outside Stettler. I have always been an active individual and at the age of 12 I was Diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, this was the beginning of my healing journey. I went to school for Acupuncture in Edmonton at Grant MacEwan University, and once I had completed my studies I moved back to Stettler. One of my favourite parts of being back home is being able to help facilitate so many amazing peoples healing journeys. They no longer need to drive an extra hour (or more) to get the treatments they desire. I am currently living in Stettler and working out of my home. Being in a small town, I work with a variety of conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to psycho-emotional and anywhere in between. The last few years I have dove a bit deeper into my training with releasing traumas and PTSD.

I have been a Registered Acupuncturist with the CAAA since 2014, I practice most of the Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities such as cupping, Gua Sha, moxibustion, bleeding, etc. I have completed additional acupuncture courses in trauma/PTSD, essential oils, sports injuries/musculoskeletal issues, fertility issues, digestive disturbances, as well as Chinese Medicine diet therapy. In treatments I use my Access Consciousness Bars and Foundations courses, as well as recently adding Subconscious Imprinting to my tool belt. A combination of all these therapies, along with crystals and essential oils makes for a pretty powerful healing experience.

I am doing S.I.T. sessions online and in person. In person sessions tend to include acupuncture needles to help in the healing process. I have recently been treating more kids with Subconscious Imprinting and absolutely love it! I do offer a 15 minute free consultation to meet in person and answer any questions you may have prior to the appointment.

OFFERING: Online and in person

WEBSITE: http://www.tsacupuncture.ca

PHONE: 403-741-8898