We don’t represent what most people think is standard, normal
or expected of in "Healers". 

In an industry that tells us to stand down, tone down & look down...

We are building an Army of Empowered Healers who are ready to
take up space, guide clients through physical & emotional liberation,
and get paid really fucking well in the process.

Contrary to external messaging...

This is a career to be proud of. 
This is a career that provides infinite value.
This is a career that can create infinite possibility for you.

Are you ready to receive it all?

If, like us, you have the

Soul of a Healer and
Heart of a Renegade

Welcome to our Army of Healers.

The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT

Since 2019, we've been equipping healers of all backgrounds (from closeted healers to established clinical practitioners) to help clients resolve chronic pain & weird symptoms through emotional regulation & liberation.

The Irony:
Helping clients get pain free is really just the cherry on top. 

The true impact of this healing is that it touches every other area of their lives.

Their body is communicating in the only way it can.

  • The Symptom: Pain, anxiety & weird symptoms.
  • We reveal & resolve the emotional root.

But again, this is about so much more than just resolving sciatica pain or migraines...

This is about you stepping into your soul's bigger mission as a transformational guide... 

To truly empower your clients to live a more expressed life.

Starting with YOU as your greatest testimonial.


But how did this all come to be?

Hey, I'm O'tion

(or Oshi, or Osh. Just don't call me Osho - that one's taken)

Alongside my business & life partner, V, I am the co-creator of Subconscious Imprinting Technique & this Army of Healers...

All of which was created out of sheer necessity. 

Here's my half of the story:

My early twenties were spent suffering from chronic migraines, debilitating sciatica pain, PF Syndrome (knee issues), and a side of hopelessness as a result… 

As a new massage therapy student as well as heavy equipment operator, I chalked the pain up to being due to the stress on my physical body. 

(This was logical!)

Committed to getting to the root of my pain,
I spent hundreds 
(okay, thousands) on:
✔ chiro adjustments
 acupuncture treatments
✔ massage therapy
✔ a cranial sacral practitioner
✔ CBD options
✔ naturopaths & a ton of their recommendations $$$
✔ & yoga classes 
(just to name a few)

Not to mention the stress & pay loss of missing work to:
- see doctors
- attend sessions
- pay for hospital parking
- be scanned, poked & prodded
- cry in my dark bedroom
- and try different meds

all leading me further toward the thoughts of,
“what's the point of living?"


Under the frustration
I was honestly just scared.

Everyone who “should” be able to help were just as helpless with my case as I was.

“Is this what my life will be like forever? Do I need to just accept the reality of excusing myself from events so I can race home as fast as possible, get to a dark room, and hopefully not puke from the ocular visuals my migraines give me?"

My Wife, V, who was a recent acupuncture grad at the time, tried everything she knew from her TCM training. Nada.

Stumped, but determined,
 she went on the search for the missing piece…

And thank goodness for her, because in 2017, she found it in a podcast episode. 

The Podcast covered Repressed Emotions, Unresolved Trauma, Forgiveness & Physical Pain.

Through what she learned, V was able to successfully interrupt my migraine (THE LAST MIGRAINE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!), through a 20 minute conversation in our bed.


The memory my body was holding onto and expressing through migraines wasn't a "big trauma". 

It was a seemingly insignificant memory from when my Dad bought me an 'iPod Touch' and he made me promise not to tell my Step Mom (who was extremely jealous of my existence).

After simply acknowledging that memory... 

I NEVER had a migraine again.

This, as you can imagine... was LIFE. CHANGING. 

HOPE was reinstated.

Her as an Acupuncturist, me as a Massage Therapy Student, we were HOOKED.

"If healing repressed emotions can resolve migraines... What else can we heal?!"

We started studying everything we could from Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Anette Cargioli, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Candace Pert. 

Aka: The Renegades of Science & Health who blazed these trails.


I am still in awe... 

Chronic pain that debilitated me began melting off my body (and staying off).

  • Sciatica Pain?

  • Debilitating weekly Migraines (and the vomit they caused?)

  • Patellofemoral pain that was SO bad, I had to use the bathroom counter to pull myself up off the toilet?

  • Low back pain that caused me to hunch over while walking after sitting longer than 30 minutes (as a TWENTY ONE year old)

(along with a lifetime of emotional suffering I didn’t even know I was experiencing).

So, I DROPPED OUT of Massage School.

I was so inspired & excited by my own personal healing, I actually dropped out of my Massage Therapy Diploma.

Massage is great, but I knew that no amount of effleurage was going to fulfill me (or what my clients actually needed).

Fast forward to today, our company has helped hundreds of healers n' humans around the world do the same for their clients.

Our Army of Healers are Hope Dealers.

Often, it's not big trauma that needs to be addressed to unlock BIG healing for people. 

We discovered the nuance, and created a step-by-step, systemized and powerful process for practitioners to follow.
Our system is SO dialled in, we've successfully trained everyone from established, full time practitioners to closeted healers (like insurance agents, social workers, corporate sales people and olympic weightlifters).

Keep scrolling to read V's half of the story, or...
Checkout the SIT Certification

Our SIT Certification is strategically designed to take Healers of all different industries 
through an intensive 6 Month Immersion where you become a living example of the work.  

Our community stands in the embodiment of emotional intelligence, self-awareness & radical responsibility.

The PERSONAL healing & level-up you're going to experience is what most practitioners won't have done in a lifetime. 

You can only take clients where you've been willing to go yourself.
If you're not willing to go deep within yourself & do your own healing & inner work, this may not be for you (yet).

If, however, you've been craving a space where the Healer goes to have space held & be called up...

Learn more about the SIT Certification

Hey, I'm V.

You heard O'tions side.
Here's my half of the story:

I loved everything I learned in Acupuncture school. I was a total sponge.

To be able to initiate deep change with these tiny, coated needles sincerely blew my mind.

Contrary to my degree in French Literature... 

I knew helping humans with acupuncture was my calling. 

But when I was in the real world.. 

Real clinic rooms.. 

Real sessions... 

I began to see a REAL need that wasn't talked about in school...

If anything, it was slightly taboo to even consider exploring this reality with clients...

The effect of repressed emotions, memories and unmet childhood needs.

After helping O'tion resolve her migraines in a simple 20 minute conversation (about a seemingly insignificant memory)...

Followed by resolution of many other chronic symptoms between the two of us...

I was STOKED. 
With a side of confusion.

"Why didn't we learn THIS in school?" 

"Emotions are such a foundational piece of TCM... Why were all my textbooks & teachers avoiding them?"

KNEW in my bones I had to follow the intuitive nudges and bring this into my acupuncture sessions.
Now, keep in mind, in my industry as an Acupuncturist, I was taught to sell 10 session treatment plans.

I was taught to set needles in my clients, leave them alone and go treat someone else. 

And while this works for some practitioners...

It just didn't sit well with me.

I knew my clients needed more.
So, I followed the nudge.

And it didn't take long before...

My acupuncture practice EXPLODED. 

  • Colleagues with 2x my experience level were referring their most stubborn cases to me.
  • Chronic, unresolvable symptoms were miraculously transforming on my table.
  • People were driving 500 km (ONE WAY) just to experience relief after being let down by all other medical/practitioner options. 
  • I began working with everyone from high performing executives, teachers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, fellow practitioners, tired Moms, and beyond.
And they all had one thing in common:

manifesting into physical pain & frustrating behaviours that NOTHING could shake.

Through our sessions, not only were my clients FINALLY experiencing profound physical relief...

  • Marriages began to transform. 

  • Olympic weightlifters were blowing past their PR's.

  •  Miracle babies were being born.
These side effects were MUCH more attractive then the traditional side effects that comes with medicine.

And here was lil' old me... 

Simply (but strategically) helping humans acknowledge emotional anchors of their past, and being witness to them creating a completely different physical & emotional reality, as a result.

Eventually, my schedule became so fully booked & in demand...

I couldn't handle more referrals.
I needed an army of practitioners to help me.

So, in 2019, our Army of Empowered Healers was born.

Fast forward to today, we now have SIT Practitioners around the globe... 

We're collectively taking clients through deeper transformation than what is standard, normal or expected in our industry... 

And getting abnormal 
(in the best way) results... 



In 2022, I was honoured to be nominated for a
Distinguished Alumni Award
for Innovation in my Field.

While I received BEAUTIFUL support & celebration from many of my colleagues...

It was heartbreaking to discover that my greatest mentor; the teacher I admired the most; declined to write a letter of recommendation due to them believing that this innovation was out of scope.

The mere fact that it's still, in 2022, considered "out of scope" to talk about emotions...

In a practice where emotions so clearly affect the body...

Literally shocked me.

Here I was, being celebrated as an innovator on one side...

Helping people all over the world FINALLY experience the change they'd been hopelessly searching for..

Getting unprecedented results in 1-4 sessions vs. 10 treatment protocols... 

And yet the old systems of operation couldn't accept the innovation.

While it hurt to lose my mentors approval... 

made a decision to continue stand OUT instead of standing DOWN. 

Because when you have the Soul of a Healer
& the Heart of a Renegade...

We're not here to live in the outdated paradigms. 
We're here to out-create them.

So, if you've felt similar... Like "there's something more..."

You're not alone.

And you're right.
There is SO MUCH MORE.

While this work isn't for all practitioners.

If you're here and you feel a "fuck YES" in your soul... 

If you want to step into your bigger souls mission of being a transformational guide.  
Where helping people become pain free is just the side effect of working with you... 

I'd love to see you in our Army of Healers.  

Many of our practitioners even facilitate powerful sessions online now (myself, included). 

Facilitating SIT from home or even while travelling.

(Yep, even acupuncturists and RMT's).

That's how malleable & effective this work is.

If the old way isn't working for you anymore... 
Come build a practice that fuels your soul.
Become a SIT Practitioner