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Healing the Healer: Healing to Belong

Join us as we, once more, heal the healer. Let's clear your hesitations and doubts; you are worthy of being seen, being heard, and feeling safe doing so.  

If you’ve ever felt like:

  • You don’t fit in or belong with your family, friends, or spiritual circles...
  • You feel weird in places you technically “should” belong…
  • You struggle to be seen/heard...
  • You feel wildly uncomfortable taking up space and being seen.

This healing is for you.

The reason you never fully "fit in" is because your reason is to stand out.

Belonging is an innate human need.

"People Pleasing" is often an unconscious attempt to fulfill the need for belonging. 

(If you'd like to overcome people-pleasing and overgiving, check out our deep clearing for it and unburden yourself here 

For this clearing audio, which is all about belonging, you will be able to activate an assurance within yourself that not only do you belong...

But you can take up SPACE and be RECEIVED as the total weird & wonderful human you came here to be.


If you never felt like you fit in...
Come stand out with us.


*This audio is a replay of our Day 2 Heal the Healer event held via Zoom.