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S.I.T. PAST LIFE Practitioner Training

Enrolment open for certified S.I.T. Grads!

If you are a grad, email or Voxer us for the Coupon Code!!!! 

You're going to learn

  • How to discover Past Life Root Causes, and decipher how they relate to the issue you or your client is trying to resolve in this life.

  • How to drop your clients into a theta state and effectively guide them into a Past Life.

  • What to do "When shit goes sideways" in a Past Life Regression. 

  • Get V's proven script so you can start delivering Past Life Sessions right away! 

  • Lifetime access to 4 filmed demo Past Life Healing Sessions delivered by V covering: Self Sabotage, Over Eating, Breaking Free from a Physically Abusive Relationship, and a physical issue, Tinnitus. 

  • Recordings of V breaking the sessions down with in-depth explanations of why she did what she did.

  • A guided past life meditation audio so you can tangibly experience your own regression.

  • This program is a prerequisite for S.I.T. Constellations.

    This course is a prerequisite for S.I.T. Constellations.

This course heavily relies on your confidence in delivering S.I.T. Sessions.

If you're currently unable or lacking confidence in linking themes/patterns in your clients life (as it pertains to the reason and reveal in their session), this course may not be for you yet.]

What People Are Saying:

Oh my god... I have CHOICE. It's midnight and I packed all my stuff and left [my abuser]. I find myself hearing, "You have a choice. This is your choice" all afternoon.

- M.L. for leaving an abusive relationship

I woke up feeling like a million bucks. My eating is so fucking wild since our session. I eat barely anything and feel totally cool. Whereas before I was constantly eating and eating and eating.

- A.P. for Sabotage + Overeating

I don't wan to jinx it... But I lost 4 pounds since the session and the only thing I've changed is listening to the S.I.T. Past Life audio and telling my body I love it.

A.S. for Weight-loss