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Healing Heart Opening with Vincent VanOhm

Come shed what's on your heart so you can connect deeper to your life.

Opening your heart can be a scary AND incredible experience. You can use emotions such as anger, resentment, judgment, and hatred (unknowingly) to protect yourself from feeling the pain of rejection or broken trust. These disconnect us so we can get away from pain. It's a natural protective response. But...

This response can hold us back from experiencing healthy connections with others, with ourselves, and with the world. 

Join V as she unburdens your heart from all the baggage it may be carrying and allow yourself to connect deeper in life. Leading you closer to feeling lasting joy, stronger friendships, and acting on ideas that you have been procrastinating. 

Feel more at home in you. The calm, the peace, and the relaxation are waiting for you. 


*This video is a replay of our live Healing Heart Opening event held via Zoom. 

Please know: These healings can initiate "cellular barfing" which can often feel like a cold or flu, fatigue, extreme hunger cravings, thirst, and emotional fluctuations. Make sure to take extra care of your needs following this healing.