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Healing the Healer: Expression Beyond Shame

Join Vincent and O'tion for a session of SIT & Breathe. Release yourself from the shame that binds you, hides you, or keeps you in the shadows from your fullest expression.

Shame is like a straight jacket.

Locking the heart up from fully being expressed and open.

How often do you talk poorly to yourself?

How often do you bow your head down to avoid eye contact with others?

Where do you hide pieces of yourself because you don’t want anyone to know or see them?

Shame often exists from a place where a belief that “I’m wrong, something is wrong with me” first developed.

It comes from a place where a need to feel safe and secure wasn’t fully established.

Explore letting go of:
→ Subconscious pressures to hide aspects of yourself that you never want anyone to see
→ Negative Self and Body talk in an attempt to correct the wrongness
→ The perfectionism to avoid ever being shamed again

To move towards:
→ Freedom to express beyond what you think you need to hide
Accessing deeper levels of love and compassion for yourself; the way you look, feel, and move
 Reconnect to your own needs and how to establish safety within yourself
→ Let go of shame stuck in your body that stops you from living the rich life that’s possible for you
→ Love your body beyond shame

Breathwork with O'tion is an experience not to be missed. Her gentle approach to using breath and music to access the wisdom in the tissues brings clarity that makes you wonder why you hadn't tried it before. 

SIT with V is easily described as transforming limiting beliefs/thoughts, behaviours, or (generational) patterns that are negatively affecting your life and well-being.

If you’ve had moments where your behaviour just can’t seem to change and you’re locked into patterns of disconnection, frustration, and disempowerment, come hang out for this month’s SIT & Breathe.

You may feel LIGHTER, more joyful, more excited, experience unexplainable manifestations, and have a greater love for yourself.

For more information about SIT, check out here: https://www.empoweredhealersacademy.com/what-is-sit 


*This video is a replay of our live HTH: Expression Beyond Shame healing event held via Zoom.  

Please know: These healings can initiate "cellular barfing" which can often feel like a cold or flu, fatigue, extreme hunger cravings, thirst, and emotional fluctuations. Make sure to take extra care of your needs following this healing.