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6 Figure Content Writing Workshop

Learn how to write scroll stopping, emotion provoking, 
credit card grabbing content for your brand in less than 3 hours.

Some of what we will be covering:

  • The top 4 reasons people scroll right by your content (and how to make them pay money AND attention)... 

  • Okay, but maybe you're thinking, "well people don't just scroll by. I get tons of likes and comments!" 

    ... Do you want likes and comments? Or do you want paying clients and a stand out brand? Big distinction. 

    Your written content should be an asset for your business. It should be making you money. If it's not currently, it's about to.

  • My top 3 FAVOURITE Embedded Commands and how you can use them immediately (think ethically hacking human psychology and persuading your dream client to take action).

  • How to write charming content that makes you magnetically irresistible (without changing who you are or trying very hard) 

  • 2 proven posts to keep in your back pocket for online trolls and cyberbullies (proven to stop em' in their tracks and send em' on their way) 

    It's an unfortunate truth that when you start shining your bright ass light, you're bound to attract some scoundrels. 

    That's why MOST people just don't put themselves out there. But you're not like most people, are you? 

    No. You're not. 

    Steal our proven posts that will literally cause even the meanest keyboard warrior to get lost! (with their tail between their legs).