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To Release Repressed Emotions & Unresolved Trauma
Connected to Chronic Pain and Weird Symptoms

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Dramatically boost your client success rate
by resolving the emotional root cause.

So much of what’s under common physical symptoms & frustrating behaviours is deeply rooted emotional, generational & subconscious trauma imprints.

Our system is proven & loved for resolving these imprints quickly & effectively. 

"I've had such amazing results with S.I.T. for both Chronic Back pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis and emotional traumas from my childhood. And not to mention the Chronic Anxiety that I have had my whole life was healed. I haven't had anxiety in seven months and counting."

-Taylore Primrose, R.Ac, SIT Practitioner & Clinic Owner

The EGO of the Healing Industry

At some point during the evolution of a practitioner… There’s an "Existential Growth Opportunity”

This is the point in a practitioner’s journey where something suddenly feels like it’s missing.

  • Where sure, clients love working with you.
  • Where you barely promote your practice because you’re busy with referrals.
  • Where you find your footing & hit flow.


and then… the EGO comes in. (The ‘Existential Growth Opportunity’, that is).

  • More complex cases begin walking into your treatment room.
  • Previous methods & modalities stop yielding the same results.
  • And while on the outside your practice still looks successful during this stage…
  • Treating surface level symptoms isn’t enough anymore – for you or your clients.



something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.

What if you could guide your clients through transformation beyond surfaced level symptoms?

Where the results they receive are beyond what they came to see you for?

Practitioners we see rapid success with:
  • Often hear, “You’re just not like the other [insert modality title] I’ve worked with”.
  • Have a natural knack for clients confiding in you, almost as though you’re their therapist.
    (This may even go beyond your clinic room and happens to you at dog parks, grocery stores, weddings, and airplanes too?! lol).
  • Something about your energy causes people to open up.
  • Spontaneous emotional releases may even happen in your sessions, but you have no idea why or what’s provoking this.

They don’t talk about this in school?!

(That’s because most modalities are taught to ignore the emotional body).

That’s why we developed Subconscious Imprinting Technique.

You are an anomaly, and SIT was created for you.

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something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.
“Subconscious Imprinting was the missing puzzle piece I had been searching for for a while for both myself as well as my career.

The deep level of personal healing and growth I received during my time throughout this course is mind-blowing. Not to mention my clients have had great results as soon as just one session. Words cannot even fully describe how amazing this training is.”

- Chelsea Oryniak, RMT & Owner of iava wellness
“I had my acupuncture practice for a while… But I wasn’t feeling super connected to it. I felt like there was something “more” I was looking for.

I signed up not really knowing what to expect but just knew that I had to and that it would change my life. And it has. Not only has it brought my acupuncture practice to a whole new level, it has also brought tremendous awareness to my own life. Honestly, this academy is life-changing…”

- Kim Lyle, Registered Acupuncturist

The Good News?

If you’ve reached this stage in your evolution as a practitioner, healer or coach…

No need to burn it all down. This is actually an opportunity to build your practice up from an even more impactful foundation.

So much of what’s under common physical symptoms & chronic pain is deeply rooted emotional, generational & subconscious imprints.

And your clients opening up & confiding in you isn’t an accident.

You have a unique gift that, when honed & practiced with intention, will completely elevate your practice.

The information they’re spontaneously sharing holds the keycode to their healing.

But what do you DO with it?

And what if something gets ‘opened up’ emotionally that you don’t know how to guide them through or out of?

Traversing intense emotional histories without a clear process can be overwhelming and risky.

Only working on the PHYSICAL BODY isn’t enough anymore though.

Many practitioners burn out
because they're chasing symptoms.

We believe that to be distinguished & effective in your industry, you have to work with the emotional body.

And with a proven framework you can rely on every time… Working with clients on this level becomes incredibly fulfilling.

For years, I've had this suffering on my skin and it would go from my hands to my arms to my whole body. Every few weeks I'd have a check-in with my doctor. Since starting SIT, I stopped taking all of my supplements, it was just like "Oh my god, my hands aren't swollen, my hands aren't itchy and red and cracked and bleeding!"

-Nadia, Mentor & Healing Through Art

And becoming qualified isn’t as time-demanding as you may think.

You don’t need to set aside the next 5 years of your life to go to University…

All you need is

  • 5 hours of study time per week
  • A genuine desire to help people release the emotional anchors connected to their physical symptoms
We guarantee you’ll be qualified and effective at decoding and guiding your clients into their emotional body & resolving key imprints from their past within 6 months.
That’s what’s possible with Subconscious Imprinting Technique.




Subconscious Imprinting Technique (SIT)


that will equip you to safely & effectively guide clients through the emotional, generational, and subconscious roots connected to their symptoms that they’ve been unconsciously dropping you hints about.

  • If you’ve been getting more complex cases that you know have deeper roots to them…
  • If it’s felt like the current modalities & training you adore are limiting you…
  • If you can sense there’s a reason people open up to you the way they do…
  • If you’ve had the intuitive nudges that there’s a connection between the emotions & stories clients bring up, and the tension patterns they’re holding in their bodies…
This is the framework we’ve created for practitioners who know there’s emotional roots to clients chronic symptoms…

And we guarantee it will take you only 60 days to learn the system.

I Am Ready To Apply!




"I tell everyone that SIT was absolutely hands down the catalyst to my own growth & expansion and was what launched me into my full time coaching practice. I love love love S.I.T. and it is my #1 go-to tool to assisting my clients on their healing journey."

Marci Stockton
Life Coach, Access Bars, SIT Practitioner

"I walked into Empowered Healers Academy as a newly divorced, stay-at-home mom trying to find my way, and walked out an educated healer with enough confidence in my abilities to practice this healing modality that I immediately began attracting the right clients for me and building my business!"

Leah Tabitha
SIT Practitioner

Jumping through all the hoops and red tape to get another degree…

Only to still just have the training to work with the mental body isn’t exactly desirable.

On top of that, you’re then restricted and regulated in how you can work with your clients…

Only perpetuating this cycle of people feeling unseen and dismissed by the medical industry.

No wonder therapists are ditching their licenses & status to become life coaches.

They’re seeking the freedom you already have.


Instead of this…

  • Going back to school for 5+ years
  • Taking out a bunch of student loans
  • Only to be trained to still ignore the emotional body

Why not this…

  • Qualify within 60 days
  • Become certified within 6 months and get paid while practicing
  • Take your clients into their emotional bodies and become the referral source for therapists
Without needing to understand complex psychology terms or venturing into unpaid practicums.

(I mean, unless you genuinely want to).

Imagine diving into 6 months of personalized mentorship and immersive training.

Get qualified to precisely uncover:

  • Unconscious Needs Loop
  • Unexpressed Emotions
  • Unresolved Trauma
  • Somatic Armouring
  • Spiritual Imprints
  • Subconscious Imprints
  • Subconscious Programs
  • Past Life Programs
  • Safety Strategies Developed
  • And Anchors of the Past

That have been locked in your client’s consciousness, begging to be seen & acknowledged through physical pain & frustrating behavioral loops.

Plus, you’ll have an actual solution & process in releasing them – which many practitioners never get to.

This work will amplify the results of your current modalities, while adding deeper value to your sessions.

That’s what we’ve spent 4 years mentoring over 150+ practitioners around the globe to do, using our framework:

Subconscious Imprinting Technique (SIT).
This is the best trauma informed training for wellness practitioners who want to help clients with the metaphysical and emotional causes of pain.
I Am Ready To Apply!
“SIT absolutely equals freedom.

I signed up as a volunteer and resolved 30 years of low back pain during another students exam.

That was the clincher for me, I knew I had to sign up. I truly believe I was divinely guided to this course. Anyone can present materials, but the integrity of the teachers is what’s important to me. I felt cherished as a student.”

– Jay, RMT & Eden Medicine Practitioner
“If you are ready to get vulnerable and ready to shift some radical shit in your life, the SIT program is for you.

My biggest takeaway would be when V asked me, “what are you holding inside that your body is willing to rip itself apart for?” It was in that very moment that I realized I was holding back owning what I am capable of for fear of judgment. Everything in my life started to shift. My home life had a radical shift in dynamic that I did not see coming. Opportunities in my business, in my corporate job, all these things started to fall into place.”

-Ashley P.

And you don’t need to take out another $30,000 student loan

or venture into gruelling underpaid practicums to access it.

If you qualify to join the program:

We guarantee it will take you only 60 days to learn the system, with a spacious 6 full months of mentorship and feedback to refine & feel qualified. 

The investment for this high touch program is less than 20 clients booking 4 Sessions with you – and that’s if you’re still undercharging (which we will also address in class).

We’ll even give you scripts & templates you can send to current clients or post on social media to get them excited about your new offer!

Your tuition of only $11,500 includes:

Upon approval, you'll receive:
  • Immediate access to the program & community
  • Physical materials you need to be successful, delivered right to your door (shipped within 10 days if you enrol before the 30th)
  • 6 months of personalized mentorship & support that you won’t find in any other organization, period.
I Am Ready To Apply!

You’re undercharging for the SIT Certification

I’ve been in a lot of programs and certifications in the online space. For the value you ladies bring, you’re undercharging the SIT Certification for $11,500.

What I see in your community, in your company and in your practitioners is excellence.

- Kimberly Valerie, Master Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

*We don’t believe finances should be a barrier to learn & bring this important work to clients.
If finances are a barrier, you can enrol in the self-study version of the program.

If you decide to upgrade in the future, 100% of your self-study tuition will be applied to the full program.


This modality has allowed me to be a more multifaceted healer.

I have other modalities I work in – massage, reiki, energy healing, past lives, akashic records… And yet still with all of my modalities, I felt like there was one missing piece to my puzzle and not able to connect the dots – until I worked with Empowered Healers Academy in the SIT Certification.

I could get my clients to a certain point, and then it was like everything came to a stop.

What was so amazing is with Subconscious Imprinting Technique, I am able to erase that stop point and take my clients all the way.

My massage clients with chronic pain were no longer having chronic pain because we were getting to the root issue of the pain – which was never physical, to begin with.

-Tracy Montgomery, RMT, SRT & SIT Practitioner


Hey, I’m Dr. Vincent VanOhm and most people call me V

I'm an Acupuncturist who is commonly referred to as,

“I don’t know WHAT that was but that wasn’t like any acupuncture I’ve ever had”

(Even from fellow colleagues lol)

Acupuncture was my first love, and I adored everything I learned in school.

I was a total sponge.

To be able to initiate deep change with these tiny coated needles sincerely blew my mind.

But when I was in the real world..
Real clinic rooms..
Real sessions…
I began to see a REAL need that wasn’t talked about in school…

If anything, it was slightly taboo to even consider exploring this reality with clients…

So simple, yes?

We all have them (frequently), and yet modern medicine denies their existence.

After a long and treacherous journey of trying to resolve my wifes migraines with everything I had learned with TCM…

As well as witnessing her let down by basically every medical professional we went to…

I stumbled upon a podcast about repressed emotions and memories & their implications on the physical body.

Something in my body resonated. It was a “yes”. I knew there was something here for me.

(Maybe you’re experiencing that reading this page).

To my surprise, through a simple 20 minute conversation with O’tion (about a seemingly insignificant memory that she was holding onto from 12 years old)…

Her chronic migraines resolved. Permanently.

Followed by many other chronic symptom resolutions between the two of us.

With a side of confusion.

“Why didn’t we learn THIS in school?”

Emotions are such a foundational piece of TCM… Why were all my textbooks & teachers avoiding them?

I KNEW in my bones I had to follow the intuitive nudges and bring this into my acupuncture sessions.

Now, keep in mind, in my industry as an Acupuncturist, I was taught to sell 10 session treatment plans.

I was taught to set needles in my clients, leave them alone and go treat someone else to capitalize on the time.

And while this works really well for some practitioners…

It just didn’t sit well with me.

(And I later learned that most clients don’t actually love this either).

I knew my clients needed more.

So, I followed the nudge and benevolently began exploring this “forbidden-unless-you’re-a-therapist ” world with clients…

  • Repressed memories
  • Unresolved emotional trauma
  • Unmet childhood needs

And it didn’t take long before my acupuncture practice TOOK OFF.

  • Colleagues with 2x my experience level were referring their most stubborn cases to me.
  • Chronic, unresolvable symptoms were miraculously transforming on my table.
  • People were driving 500 km (ONE WAY) just to experience relief after being let down by all other medical/practitioner options.
  • I began working with everyone from high performing executives, teachers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, fellow practitioners, tired Moms, and beyond.

And they all had one thing in common:


Manifesting into physical pain & frustrating behaviors that NOTHING could shake.

Through our sessions, not only were my clients FINALLY experiencing profound physical relief…

  • Marriages began to transform.
  • Olympic weightlifters were blowing past their PR’s.
  • Miracle babies were being born.
  • People were quitting their jobs & starting businesses.


Let’s be real.

These side effects were MUCH more attractive than the traditional side effects that come with medicine.

And here was lil’ old me…

Simply (but strategically) helping humans acknowledge emotional anchors of their past, and being witness to them creating a completely different physical & emotional reality, as a result.

Eventually, my schedule became so fully booked & in demand…

I couldn’t handle more referrals.

I needed an army of practitioners to help me.

Enter: The SIT Community 

The Army of Empowered Healers was born

In 2019 O'tion & I developed what is now known as
Subconscious Imprinting Technique.

The Practical System

We condensed what I was doing in sessions into a practical system for fellow practitioners who, like me, were no longer content with ‘status quo, textbook’ treatment plans.

That year, we mentored 30 practitioners in a “Beta Version” of the program to ensure they could also get the same results I was getting.

And I was blown away.

During class student practice sessions, we witnessed:

  • One of our students resolve her chronic eye infections that doctors were stumped by.
  • Another student resolved the crippling anxiety that doctors wanted to medicate… As well as the irrational fear that she was going to die of a heart attack at 21 (it was a dead relative stuck in her body – which you will also learn how to remove when necessary).
  • Another student’s 9 years of sciatica pain resolve, another’s 4 years of knee pain resolve, another’s left shoulder pain she couldn’t lift over her head resolve.
  • Another student stop her binge eating cycle as a byproduct of the training (without it even being a focus of hers to resolve).

And so much more that cannot even be encapsulated on a page.

Our community has done some epic shit.

Pardon me, I meant to say EPIC SIT.

The most fulfilling for me has been witnessing these practitioners become more of themselves.
Happier, more expressed, grounded & embodied versions of themselves.

You know, the stuff that’s less “measurable” and “flashy” on an enrollment page.

Fast forward to today, we now have SIT Practitioners around the globe…

Many of our practitioners primarily facilitate sessions online now.
Facilitating SIT from home or even while traveling.

Yep, even acupuncturists and RMT’s.

That’s how malleable & effective this work is.

We’re collectively taking clients deeper than what is standard,
normal or expected in our industry.

“I knew the SIT Certification was gonna be amazing, but I did not realize it was going to be ah-ma-ZIIIING!

My addictions just… went away. It was one of the first things I worked on in class. I think anyone who takes the SIT training will experience, if not something similar, something profound.”

– Ali, RMT
“In one 90 minute SIT Session… This chronic fatigue was GONE.

After I had been struggling with chronic fatigue for over three to four years, I had gone to doctors, specialists, practitioners, body workers, naturopaths, you name it. You can imagine now that I had my life back, I wanted to share this with others.”

- Tracy, Stay at home Mama turned Healer

If you qualify to join the program:

We guarantee it will take you only 60 days to learn the system, with a spacious 6 full months of mentorship and feedback to refine & feel qualified.

Are you ready to apply, or do you have more questions?

I Am Ready To Apply!

After 6 months of immersive training on a professional level as well as deep exploration of yourself on a personal level…

Imagine bringing your whole Self to sessions

And instead of leaving your unique edge at the door, you felt confident to bring ALL of your gifts to the table (including the intuitive hits you’ve been keeping on the downlow)…

As a result, becoming known for delivering a full on experience, not just typical sessions like any other practitioner.

Imagine unlocking decades
of repression in clients

You know by now that repressed emotions & unresolved trauma are directly linked to chronic pain & strange symptoms. The misconception is that resolving these imprints is complex. (It’s not).

SIT will provide you with a step by step system to effectively guide your clients to resolve these anchors of their past – without them needing to relive or rehash their deepest trauma’s.

Imagine your soul feeling even
more awakened by your work

Witnessing the light in your clients turn back on by helping them resolve heaviness they’ve been carrying their whole lives? It’s a fucking gift. Symptom resolution becomes the cherry on top.

SIT works as a stand alone modality, and amplifies and compliments the modalities you already have. (Including the ones you may still be withholding, due to fear of judgment or being too “woo”).

Imagine standing out & being
distinguished in your industry

Differentiating yourself from the majority is the fastest way to become a go-to referral for the beautiful clients other practitioners are stumped by.

It’s why our SIT Practitioner Chelsey became a referral partner for Psychologists in her city as an RMT… And why Lorene & Leah became referral partners for Chiropractors in their cities.

Imagine resolving the real source
of people's pain

It never gets old hearing, “Wait… How did you DO that?” when revealing the emotional patterns people are looped in while using the SIT System in sessions or discovery calls.

You’ll know exactly which unmet needs, unacknowledged emotions, and unresolved trauma (theirs, or generational) was locked in their bodies with total precision.

And imagine it was way easier than your brain might try to convince you…

Of course trauma in itself can be complex… But working with it & healing the impacts of it doesn’t have to be.

You’ll receive video training, manuals & charts, safe practice opportunities and personalized mentorship to gain the efficacy required to bring this into your sessions.

We guarantee it will take you only 60 days to learn the system, with a spacious 6 full months of mentorship to refine & and get qualified.

Imagine facilitating healing

...beyond what is “standard, normal, or expected” in your current modality?

This is what becoming the ANOMALY in your industry looks like.

This is what is possible with your SIT Certification.

SIT is designed to AMPLIFY your current modalities…

Our Army of Practitioners have built up hundreds of testimonials, case-studies & in the field proof that magic can happen when we connect to what our bodies are communicating.

SIT is designed to AMPLIFY your current modalities…

Providing you with a step-by-step process to decode the emotional root cause of your clients pain in MINUTES.

If you qualify to join the program:

We guarantee it will take you only 60 days to learn the system, with a spacious 6 full months of mentorship and feedback to refine & feel qualified.

I Am Ready To Apply!

SIT Practitioner Training

Plug a precise & proven process into your sessions or packages...

So you can help clients access & resolve trauma wounds that are underneath chronic pain… without needing an expensive & lengthy degree.

(Value: You now create transformational healing experiences that transform your clients lives AND your income potential)

Facilitate powerful sessions in-person and/or VIRTUALLY, while still getting incredible physical, spiritual & emotional results

Aka: You’re no longer tied to a physical location, government restrictions, city limits, etc.

(Value: You get the flexibility to work with clients anywhere, anytime, autonomously)

Break free from the typical 'income cap' in our industry, by significantly increasing the VALUE you deliver

All by helping clients in ways that are way deeper and more transformative than what’s expected from a typical practitioner.

(Value: You’re no longer a commodity, so you don’t have to fit in with what’s “normal” pricing. You charge based on value, not the hour)

Be backed by a credible insurance agency that recognizes SIT as a standalone modality.

Our certification is LEGIT. Upon meeting graduation requirements, you’ll have the opportunity to hold the same insurance as a mental health care practitioner that clinical therapists hold.

(Value: Peace of mind & legit credibility in the industry)

Make a significant difference in people's lives; starting with your own.

Be an example of what else is possible. Create a ripple of change while stepping more into alignment with your soul’s expression.

(Value: Our practitioners often say, “Even if this program was JUST for me…. It was worth it”)

Are you ready to apply?

I Am Ready To Apply!

The SIT Certification Program

Has been loved
by 150+ global practitioners

Being Firmly Rooted In Both Science And Magic N' Miracles (And Our Signature No Bulls#%t Style)

Yes, you’ll learn about neuropeptides, the HPA Axis, and how years of clinical research has proven that chronic pain & illness are directly related to repressed emotions and unresolved trauma.

But we do it in a way that isn’t filled with unnecessary or irrelevant medical jargon.

This program will cut YEARS off your studies so you’ll know how to effectively deliver transformation for your peeps, without having to memorize mind numbing information or partake in gruelling underpaid practicums.

Exploring Heavy Work, In A Light Hearted Manner

We take this work very seriously, but have no desire to lead you toward emotional burnout. Things will get tough, AND we’ll keep you laughing along the way.

And let’s be honest, laughter can be the greatest medicine of all (which is something many practitioners and schools of thought are missing).

Common feedback we receive is how enjoyable, entertaining AND educational the trainings are.

Focuses On You As The Practitioner

You can only take clients where you’ve been willing to go yourself.

The PERSONAL healing & level-up you’re going to experience is what most people won’t have done in a lifetime.

If you’re not willing to go deep within yourself & do your own healing & inner work, this is not for you.

Doesn't Require Physical Touch

SIT integrates beautifully with in-person touch modalites, or as a standalone modality that works virtually.

Some of our students completely replaced or doubled their income during the weird world events, simply by delivering VIRTUAL SIT sessions.

And hey, even now that the world isn’t shut down, all you need is a good wifi connection and headphones; and you can build your practice around the lifestyle you desire, whether that’s in-person, virtual, in groups, or a blend.

Are you ready to apply?

I Am Ready To Apply!

Here's How

That’s how confident we are in our process


6 Month Certification

A cadence curated for your success.

Join multiple calls biweekly, specific to your support need.
  • Technique/Process Q/A’s
  • Immersion/Practice Clinics
  • Business Strategy Sessions
  • Personal Support
  • Business Tech Support Help

*It’s not mandatory to attend all the calls (but you’re welcome to).

*If you can’t attend the calls live, you can submit your questions in advance & they’ll be answered in the replay.

Total Investment: only $11,500 + 5 hours/week

Theory (Lifetime Access)

Cohesive modules guiding you through the rhythm of SIT through entertaining, educational and experiential trainings.

As always, the work begins with you. This is not textbook training, this is experiential learning through embodiment of the work.

Learn everything you need to know, in order to facilitate simple yet powerful breakthroughs; starting with yourself as your best testimonial.

Demo Sessions (Lifetime Access)

Our practitioners have called these PRICELESS.

Learn through osmosis by witnessing V (Creator of SIT) in action, delivering sessions. This takes the theory and breaks down the nuances of why, when, and how to guide clients in specific ways.

While watching these sessions, you’ll also receive the healing in your own life (which we’ve been told is also priceless).

Practical Integration

Because you can only learn so much in video, you’ll have the opportunity to practice delivering AND receiving SIT sessions in our immersive practice clinics.

Don’t worry, you will have access to guidance, personalized feedback and support throughout.

This is where you get the opportunity to give and receive healing in a safe, constructive & supportive environment.

Support & Community

Connect with like-minded souls through our vibrant community.

Ask questions, receive support, share celebrations, and pair up to swap sessions for practice & mutual growth and healing.

Form bonds that become like chosen family from around the world.

Finally… Be seen, heard, cherished, acknowledged & welcomed into a community you BELONG in.

Support After Graduation

After your 6 months is complete, you have the option to upgrade and stay in the program as a monthly membership for a nominal fee so you can continue accessing the support calls.

Unlike most programs, however, our support does not end when you stop paying us – that’s a core value. Our deepest intention is for you to feel supported on this journey, which is why you’ll receive lifetime access to the Alumni Support Group to ask any question, anytime

Not To Mention, A Powerful Skill You Can Use With Clients In-person, Group Sessions Or Over Zoom.

Up-level your practice, income capacities and ability to serve clients deeper than ever before… From anywhere in the world.

"And I was worried to pay for the program LOL... Quick rough math: Made $13,500 since graduating. During the middle of a pandemic. Just from S.I.T. So ya, how's that for the celebration of the day?"

- Mel Chatigny, Personal Trainer, Coach & SIT Practitioner
I Am Ready To Apply!

We do it different

Most online training programs will treat you like a number.

The SIT Certification has a 96.4% completion rate.

Many people have gone through $15k+ trainings…

Only to find out they’re being mentored by previous graduates who are barely qualified to teach them…

💔 The people running the program are more focused on selling it than providing their expertise & support to students who have already enrolled in it.

💸 Many are focused on “scaling to 7 figures”, which requires a huge number of enrolments to hit (Aka: A SEA of students)

😔 Your name, questions and assignments go unnoticed, unanswered & unread.

😵‍💫 To keep expenses low, they can't offer 1:1 guidance and support, and they resort to group sessions only (or force their students to rely on peer support)

…And sure, at the end, you might have a certification – but you still don’t feel qualified to implement what you learned and actually apply it to client sessions.

It’s no wonder the industry standard for online program completion is a dismal 15%.

But thanks to the individualized support and guidance we provide…

The Industry Standard

Online Program Completion Rate:

15% Theirs 😳

96.4% Ours 😎

Yes, that’s a flex. 💪🏻❤️

Because we do it differently.

We recognize & prirotize the importance of personalized support & feedback in order to ensure your succes in the program.

  • We keep class sizes small, and truly get to know you.
  • We read every word of every assignment you submit.
  • We provide individualized attention & expert feedback.
  • We are truly with you, every step of the way.

And even with this unparalleled level of support, we keep our tuition affordable and accessible, while ensuring our team is supported & compensated so they can be fully present to you and your needs throughout the program.


We do it Differently.

“It never felt enough or complete. Something was missing.

Until now I’ve gotten so many diplomas, and no matter how much information there was it never felt enough or complete. Something was missing. This course is practical, based on direct experience, where your soul finally aligns with the mind and the body. You learn to accept yourself the way you are, having the most amazing teachers V and O’tion to support you more than you could ever imagine on your journey. There is no judging, no wrong or right, no hard feelings. The Empowered Healing Academy is where you will feel at home, where you will learn to speak your truth, love, trust, and accept yourself unconditionally, and also let go of everything that doesn’t serve you any longer. Love and Gratitude to my healers and The Empowered Healers Academy.”

– Raluca, RMT, Somatic Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator
I Am Ready To Apply!

This program is
not for everyone.

Transparency of who the SIT Certification is not for:

If you have Complex PTSD, Bipolar or Borderline Personality Disorder, please email [email protected] before applying.

I Am Ready To Apply!

Due to the Nature of this Work

All Enrolments Include
Support & connection you won’t find in ANY other educational organization or online program, period.
Immersion Calls

To PRACTICE SIT on fellow colleagues and become a competent practitioner under EHA’s guidance.

6 Months of Biweekly Support Calls

With the creators of SIT for PERSONALIZED coaching, mentorship & support.

Recorded Session Submissions

For personal feedback and coaching on how to improve as a practitioner with your new capacity.

Lifetime Access To Our Alumni Support Group

For ongoing support from the Lead Facilitators and other SIT Grads of ALL different backgrounds & skills.


Yes, we just said ballin’ because you’re going to feel like a baller with a popped collar having these bonuses in your back pocket.

Bonus #1


POWER-UP your sessions by learning our unique

Become multi-modality equipped and guide clients through short & punchy breathwork journeys to help them experience a SOMAtic release.

Followed by a gentle wash of Subconscious Imprinting to help address the SUBconscious.

Deliver 1:1 SIT & Breathe sessions or Group Healing events Online or In-Person.

VALUE: $2,000

Bonus #2


Bonus #1. Carefully curated Power Playlists to plug into your SIT & Breathe sessions

Bonus #2. Learn to curate your own Power Playlists that provoke physical & emotional breakthroughs 

Bonus #3. Pre-written sales page copy to sell your classes 

Bonus #4. Ready-to-go emails and automations for hosting your online or in-person group events

Bonus #5. Done For You Event Set Up if you sign up for Kajabi through our Partner Link, our team will set up your first event, emails & automations for you! 

VALUE: $1500

Bonus #3

6 FIGURE FREQUENCY (advanced business)

Advanced Business Training to go from 

Established practitioner to 6 figure creator.

Module One: ‘Soul Mission Deep Dive’ and get laser focused on crafting your brand essence that is an extension of your authentic expression

Module Two: Unlock Your Body to Unlock Your Business with somatic release processes that will have you out-creating sabotage, people pleasing, paralysis, over-giving, second guessing and perfectionism

Module Three: Tune into your ‘fuck yes frequency’ so you RESONATE with the kinds of clients who are excited to invest & are a full body “FUCK YES” to work with

Module Four: Curate transformational programs and packages that allow you to deliver a powerful experience for clients vs. a typical one off session (And get PAID for value vs. time)

Module Five: How to Write Magnetic Messaging that pulls aligned clients into your offer without abandoning yourself or feeling pushy, gross or salesy.

VALUE: $3000

Bonus #4


PERSONALIZED Content Critiques

to Sharpen Your Magnetic Messaging 

Do you feel like your content blends in with the endless sea of noise on social media?

The lie: ‘Be consistent on social media and you’ll be successful in business’.

The truth: Consistency means nothing if we’re consistently posting content that doesn’t LAND for people. 

Most practitioners write boring, bland, confusing posts that hit people in the head. 

Writing from the 6 Figure Frequency hits people in the HEART.

This is the key to creating assets that work for you (instead of posting to oblivion on the endless, insatiable beast of social media).

Receive honest coaching & critiques on your content from people who give a fuck about your success (not friends and family who are being nice but will never buy your stuff).

VALUE: $1500

Bonus #5


With discovering your 6 Figure Frequency

Will come 6 Figure Tech Requirements.

One of the biggest snags we see practitioners up against when growing & scaling their business is TECH OVERWHELM.

If tech trips you up, causes you to have full blown temper-tantrums OR go into straight up avoidance… We gotchu.

Join 2 RECORDED calls a month with your tech needs and our gal will help you get set up with EASE.

Automations, funnels, landing pages, connecting them together – whatever it is, she will help you get it set up.

If you can’t make the call due to time zones or other commitments, you can submit a Loom Video with what you need help with and our Tech Team will Loom you back an easy to follow, step-by-step, “over-the-shoulder” view of what needs to be done.

VALUE: $1200

Bonus #6

SIT PAST LIFE (advanced training)

Past Life Work isn’t for everyone. But if you’re giddy about this one, you and V will get along GREAT. 

SIT Past Life helps uncover and release imprints from the soul.

If you’ve had intense flashbacks, vivid insights for clients or other weird and unexplainable energetics show up in your sessions… 

You’re not weird & you’re not alone. 

This Bonus will equip you to safely guide clients to previous lifetimes and resolve Past Life Friction causing Present Life Strife!

  • Includes a proven & powerful step-by-step Regression Script.
  • 7 Demo Sessions with comprehensive explanations.
  • Self-Guided Past Life Meditation. 

Lean into surrogacy sessions to work on intergenerational patterns, family systems, pet healing, womb healings, and healing by proxy.

Value: $1200


There's no program on the planet that offers a money back guarantee, alongside the level of support we offer.

If you're committed to showing up to the calls & implementing the work...

We're committed to your success. Or should we say.... SITcess (too far?)


  1. If you’re financially or emotionally desperate, please do not enrol in the program. Desperation creates unfair pressure & expectation on our facilitators and the intended purpose of the program.
  2. This program will not make you money without effort, and it won’t help you quantum leap without radical accountability, responsibility and ownership of your reality. Although we love to keep things light, the spiritual transformations of the magnitude we’re calling in are often messy and slower than we want. We cannot shield you from life’s lessons & integrations, or make the choices for you that are required for you to break-free to your next level… But we can and will accompany you through it.
  3. We are responsible TO you, not FOR you. If you are a fan of blaming external circumstances, and everyone and anything, whilst never taking an honest look at yourself – you will hate this program.
  4. This program was originally designed for professionals who have had previous experience as a practitioner, coach, or therapist. If you’re brand new at working with clients in a therapeutic setting, and you know in every fibre of your being that this is for you, you must be willing to put in the work – some of which happens outside the classroom – to start and build a practice.

As per our 2022 terms & conditions, if you don’t have the competence to effectively deliver SIT Sessions by Module 6 of the program, we’ll give you 100% of your tuition back.

And we’ll even let you keep your cozy AF academy hoodie!


You (and your clients) experience a full upgrade on what you bring to the table.

You resolve your own childhood wounds that have been running in your subconscious mind, and experience a significant amount more freedom


You tell us we suck, we write you a cheque, and you get our entire training that’s helped people all over the world, for free.

That’s how unshakably certain we are of this program’s value.
That’s how unequivocally committed our team is to you as one of our members.
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