The Change Makers Membership is an inclusive and affordable membership reserved
for our Army of Certified S.I.T. Practitioners.

If you're not currently a graduate, you can access the prerequisite program below. We'd love you to join our mission in
helping humans around the globe resolve chronic symptoms through addressing the emotional root cause.

If you are a S.I.T. Grad and you want to stay plugged into the active community, join us!


You joined the Academy because you have the Soul of a Healer and the Heart of a Renegade. You're committed to creating change on the planet with us, and we fucking love that. 

If you're like most of our grads, you have become more and more savage about following your awareness, living in your truth, communing with your body, and creating a life/business you desire. 

On top of that, you've experienced the power of S.I.T. as a modality within yourself and in your clients, and the EHA community has likely become part of your chosen family. 

So now what?


As Subconscious Imprinting Technique continues to gain momentum and our community continues to grow these three things have become even more important to us. So we got busy and created the Change Makers Membership.

This Membership has 3 key goals.

1. Graduate Support 

Supporting you as a graduate is one of the main reasons why we created the S.I.T. Healers Network. As part of the Network, we're introducing monthly accountability/support calls, live demo healings with Q&A and round table discussions, and accessible business coaching.

We noticed that when the program ends, many of you aren't ready for it to. And? It doesn't really need to! 

Staying plugged in, connected and engaged in the community keeps the spark for S.I.T. & personal accountability alive.

2. Establish S.I.T. as a credible modality and set standard of excellence for The Healer Hub

As S.I.T. becomes more recognized, it's important to us that we highlight the outcomes S.I.T. delivers and promote practitioners who are focused on excellence and becoming experts of their craft. 

We are on a mission to make healing with S.I.T. widely known and globally accessible, both virtually and in-person. As a S.I.T. Practitioner, you are an important part of that mission.

Our team of experts will be working to bring more awareness to S.I.T. and the S.I.T. Healers Network through optimizing ads, Youtube, and eventually; clinical studies.

In an effort to help expand your reach as one of our trusted  S.I.T. Practitioners, our advertising resources will be strongly directed toward highlighting the practitioners who are featured on The Healer Hub.


3. Community Connection and Support

Once the training ends, it can feel like a shock to the system, can't it?

The Monday Immersion classes and follow-up Student Support calls can even start to feel like something you could get used to having on the regular.

You found a community that ignited your soul and showed you anything is possible. You got AMPED UP about your new skills and felt supported and connected to the movement... And then BOOM! You're out in the world on your own.

Maybe you find yourself getting triggered by old habits...the procrastination sets in...the imposter syndrome bubbles up. The overwhelm happens and gremlin-ass thoughts like, "Can I actually fucking do this?!" become a distraction.

Or, maybe you're fine on that front! You're not plagued by doubts or fears; you just truly miss your friggin' crew of rad humans who get you! The sense of connection has faded and you are missing your people and the energy you get from being surrounded by them.

We've heard it all from our grads, and one thing is the same across the crave the healings, the connection, the support, and the deep conversations. 

If you want to stay connected to the movement, anchor in your capacities with S.I.T., have us promote your business, and grow with the Academy... JOIN US.


You’ve graduated! You’re a certified practitioner. Way to go! If you're one of our badass grads, you’re showing up and really embodying the work in your personal and professional world.

You take consistent action toward following your awareness (even when it doesn’t make sense), and help your clients access deeper healing through emotional liberation.

This option is for you if you're not interested in continued support, community connection or advanced calls... But you want to be listed on the Healer Hub.

I only want the Hub listing


You’re all IN! You love the mission of EHA and S.I.T., and you are committed to the Army of Badass Healers, and making an impact in this world.

On top of that... You don't want the party to end when the certification does - you wanna stay plugged in to the community, calls and support.

You provide support and engage with the community, while consistently striving to do and be better.

Becoming a facilitator/mentor to new students or emerging practitioners is something you might see yourself doing. 

Yup, I'm ALL in. Sign me up!


Earth Shaking is not for dabblers. You're here to make some fuckin’ noise! You've built a solid repertoire of results in your practice and you're ready to level-up and scale beyond 1:1 Sessions.

You’re excited about the growth and impact of EHA and you want to be part of it on a larger scale. You see yourself being a S.I.T. Certification Facilitator and/or creating a program/offering with your knowledge and expertise.

You are the ride or diest of ride or dies.

This is an invite only opportunity and is based on acceptance. It is a 5 figure investment in your business and personal development.




S.I.T. Certification

Subconscious Imprinting Technique is a transformational modality and the Certification takes you, the healer/practitioner/trainer/coach, through a 7 week intensive. You will heal yourself of repressed emotions and unresolved trauma that contribute to physical symptoms in your life - while you learn how to facilitate this transformation for your clients.

Once you successfully complete the certification assignments and case study requirements, you will have the opportunity to hold liability insurance as a mental healthcare practitioner.

You will also have exclusive access to the S.I.T. Healers Network where you will receive ongoing support and opportunities to stay plugged into the movement.

I want to learn S.I.T.