Wanna write scroll stopping, emotion provoking, 
credit card grabbing content for your brand?

Good. You're in the right place.

I'm O'tion!
I write all the money making
words for our 6 figure
empowerment company.

And I'm a f#%king genius. 

Just kidding. I'm not a genius. 

Quite the opposite.

I've seen the inside of more cop cars than school report cards.

And even though english was my best subject (75%, baby)...
I didn't even make it past grade 10.

Told you I'm not a genius! 

But I am over half a million dollars worth of proof that if you want to
write words that influence more people to buy your stuff or your services...

You don't have to be a genius, either.

And I'm going to show you how.
The easy way.

One thing I gained from being kicked out of high school:
The incredible knack for finding creating life's short cuts.

This 6 Figure content writing formula is one of those shortcuts.. 

  •  We don't post 4 times a day, 8 days a week to “stay relevant in people’s feeds”

  • We don’t do inauthentic social media outreach (we DID make that mistake early on, and it felt absolutely yucky). 

  • We aren’t that popular with likes and comments. Honestly, our money making posts actually get the least amount of engagement, and I'll teach you why that is, and why it's ok!

  • We don't try very hard and we are terribly inconsistent (If you post consistently and wonder why the hell it's not working to grow your biz, this is for you).

  • You'll notice my grammar and sometimes spelling is not that great (I even begin sentences with *gasp* "and").

But somehow, regardless of all that,
we have 3 things that bring us a lot of joy:

Influence (to attract really kind, ambitious, badass humans and healers into our community) that actually have the money and motivation to INVEST in themselves.

Sales (our company went from 0-$verycomfortable in a short period of time) and the strategies you'll learn have helped 3 of our community members have their first $12-$25k+ launches themselves.

Impact (the work we and our badass healers are doing is REALLY big… Like… Sometimes the magnitude of it knocks me on my ass and kind of scares me tbh lol).

If you want to use social media to influence people (without poppin' your ass or doing awkward "influencer" stuff).. 

Sign up and learn the #1 most important business skill on the planet; Copywriting. 

Sign me up! I want to make money with words.


"This stuff is SO good.

Just a few weeks ago I learned the term copywriting and what it really meant.

I felt so overwhelmed by all the info that started coming my way (that I asked for).

Everything was so dense. Confusing. Not my style. It was so overwhelming that I shut down.

I felt guilty.. I felt lost.. Because I told myself I was ready to launch. And then I wasn’t...

I wanted to run away.

BUT.. You changed all of that in a few short, fun, value-packed hours.

And today absorbing your bonus material...I can honestly say I am fucking LIT! 🔥

Because I get to be myself. I get to have fun while creating. I get to attract exactly who I want. And repel who I don’t.

You really are, a fucking genius."

- S.S. 
Acupuncturist, Florida USA


Your dream client is stuck in a scroll frenzy - and you gotta stop them! 

Once you're done the workshop, you'll know exactly what to post (and how often) so people stop glazing over your content and start paying attention. 


But more than just pay attention; you're going to learn how to use your words to make more money.

(Cuz let's be real... A LOT of influencers with tons of "followers" are broke. I'm here to help you stack dollars while serving your community). 

Learn the Art of Persuasion 

I know I'm going to lose a few of you here.
"Ewww, persuasion. That's so manipulative and scammy!" 

Here's the thing. These persuasion skills have helped people cancel their planned suicides, heal eating disorders, completely replace their income while working 50% less, let go of the trauma that's been stopping them from finding love... and on and on and on.

So if you've got judgements about persuasion or you're unwilling to persuade your dream clients to invest in a new reality...then this is NOT the right workshop for you. (And that's okay).


This isn't voodoo. This is the art of tapping into you, boo! 

K seriously though. In this workshop, you're going to uncover your unique voice so you don't just stand out, but you also resonate with your peeps... And feel f#%kin' good doing it! 

I see way too many practitioners and creators who are acting as watered down, polite, hiding-behind-quotes versions of themselves. And then wonder why their content isn't working. We need to put an end to this. You in?!

Sign me up! I'm ready to level up my content.

The best part? It's actually not that hard once you plug n' play the strategies I'll be revealing. 

Remember, you're learning from a mildly lazy person who has zero interest in grinding or playing in the endless pit of social media everyday... But who also LOVES helping people. And buying expensive jeans .. and coffee.. and camera gear.

In other words, I love money. And I love making it in the easiest way possible.
That's the stance I'm teaching you from.

"Ok but for real… The workbook? IT’S GOOD. Like it's SO good. You made it so f#%king easy. Just… God damn"

- A.V., RMT, S.I.T. Practitioner 


(ma fellow introverts, this is your moment to shine).


Yes, content that SELLS.
Because if you're not selling on your platform, you're not serving your people. 
And that's a f#%king problem. 

YES, I want to up-level my content! Sign me up.