The work we do with healers and humans is f#%ing badass.

But, there’s so much at stake with the rest of the planet.

The truth is?

We're not brave enough to do the heart wrenching groundwork that needs to be done.

That’s why 10% (and often more) of ALL our swag sales goes to foundations who are doing the hard things that make the big differences.

Please consider helping us in our mission of shifting the collective consciousness of the planet.

With your help, we can support marginalized communities who don't have access to clean drinking water...

We can protect sacred, nearly extinct animals who are brutally killed for their tusks...

We can help with the tens of thousands of dollars in vet bills it takes to end the suffering of animal abuse cases...

We can protect Canada's very own rainforest and Pacific Ocean that is such an integral part of the world's ecosystem.


Elephants, Rhinos, and People

Through the alleviation of poverty, families in South Africa
will have access to more sustainable resources of income
(by using an Ashoka accredited poverty alleviation model),
thereby further decreasing the demand to engage in

Apart from this, ERP aims to engage in several programs
to improve the welfare of elephants and rhinos through
emergency care, relocation, and relief programs.

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Water First

By mixing together traditional and western research
and application, Water First aims to help address the
water crisis in indigenous communities across Canada
who lack access to potable water.

Such sources of water not only include tap water,
but as well as environmental water, indigenous
education, and other fundraising activities
for the benefit of the locale indigenous community.

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Help raise funds for a team of dedicated
scientists and conservationists who aim to protect and
preserve the local land and water habitats of
British Columbia's wildlife.

Driven by tried-and-tested research and processes,
RainCoast aims to not only protect the wildlife but to conserve
it in the long run, producing high quality peer-reviewed studies
that will help increase awareness and discussions to addressing
Canada's vulnerable and endangered species.

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Saving Grace Animal Society

An organization devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating, and
rehoming domesticated animals from abandonment, trauma,
and abuse. Big or small, in any shape or form, Saving Grace
Animal Society is deeply in need of sponsors, donors and
volunteers to help their campaign.

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