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"I’ve been to Tony Robbins, Marshall Sylver and Niurka (personal development is my thing). And I think I grew more through The Empowered Healers Academy and my experience with the ladies in it than I have in anything else in my entire life."

Leah Tabitha

“And I was worried to pay for the program LOL… Quick rough math. Made $13,500 since graduating. During the middle of a pandemic. $2500 extra per month, just from S.I.T. So ya, how’s that for the celebration of the day?"

- Mel Chatigny


"This is going to be the biggest game-changer for your practice, whether you're a nurse or a massage therapist or a chiropractor or a psychologist or an electrician or a business owner.

I was walking on a giant plateau in my life before I took the leap to join the Empowered Healers Academy. I was plateauing with my career. I was plateauing in relationships. I was plateauing with my finances. I was plateauing with my health. No matter what I did, I just couldn't take the reins and take control of my life. I was stuck and I didn't know how to get out of the rut that I was in.

When I came into this course, I was suffering from a lot of physical and emotional symptoms. For the past five years, I had consistent eye infections to the point where I couldn't enjoy being outside. I did everything that I could and it never seemed like it completely went away. It was never completely gone and I could just feel it in my body.

There was a time during a group session where I was able to see completely clearly. Normally, bright light would have me doubling up on sunglasses. It would have me wearing baseball caps, just to shield my eyes. Literally since the third week of taking this course, I haven't had a single moment where I've had to cover my eyes. It's been so long since that has happened, where I can look in the mirror and I can just see white eyes. It's amazing. It's magical.

My biggest professional breakthrough taking this course was gaining so much confidence and authority in the way that I communicate with my clients. I used to be unable to articulate the information that I wanted to get across, which was a huge disservice to my clients. I was so confused and would create my own roadblocks. It was very frustrating.

Ever since taking the course, I became more confident in the way that I talked to people and asserting the information that I know that I know and I can finally get it across effectively. It was a complete 180° switch and I am SO grateful. 

It has completely shifted my mindset on how I communicate and approach what would be conceived as challenges and roadblocks and viewing them in new exciting ways. They're opportunities to learn.

Kelsey and V, they're otherworldly humans with their intelligence and emotional capacity to hold space for an entire group of people just coming in with all of their vulnerabilities and their concerns while at the same time being two of the most grounded and just real humans that I've ever met. I also loved the fact that the class itself was so structured in its delivery, but it also allowed for spontaneous opportunities to learn in class and in the support (calls) that you get outside of class.

Every single person on this planet deserves this kind of guide to help them achieve everything you could possibly dream of. You touch on really impactful, deep subjects but with such grace and happiness and excitement to look into the deepest parts of yourself and get to know yourself so much more. It was an incredible thing to witness. These badass humans completely changed my life and I will be eternally grateful. 

Another healing and breakthrough that I experienced was just witnessing them just be there, being authentic, and showing me that it was possible for me to be more than capable of who I am and all that I can offer to every person that I come in contact while we're on this floating, rotating rock that we call home for the time that we have.

I could go on and on and on about this course in these amazing humans and the incredible classmates, friends that I have now. If you were ever waiting for a sign, this is it. This is the sign and you won't regret it."

Lauren Stensrud


"I'm not gonna lie. I was a little bit skeptical going into the S.I.T. course.

I kept thinking, "What if this doesn't work?" or "What if I'm really broken and nothing can fix me?". My body is giving me symptoms and signals saying, “Yo, there's something wrong.” And that showed up in panic attacks, fear, feeling stuck, never moving forward, overthinking, basically just debilitating fear.

I’ve tried everything. From all the self-help books to meditation, yoga, medications, and therapists. I've tried all these things to try and relieve me of my anxiety. Nothing has helped. Those were my fears but I always knew that I wanted to take this course because of how amazing Kelsey and V are.

I met them before they started this company and they have helped me a lot in my life. They are two intuitive, genuine, badass people that I'm so blessed to know and they created the most amazing space for people to heal in. I was always so afraid of being vulnerable and it was so easy to be vulnerable in this class. I was so scared, anxious, insecure, everything. All these things took over my life and this course? My words will not be able to describe how much it did for my body and how I felt. There were knots in my body and two weeks after they were released.

The group, the people, and Kelsey and V together create such an amazing place in space for you to heal that I honestly want to do it again. I literally want to do the class again because it's not only just you're healing yourself and you're getting ready to heal other people.  If that's your path, you get to experience it with some of the most amazing people. 

It's something I'm going to hold in my heart forever."

Karly Daskaluk

"Every cell in my body is so grateful that I enrolled in this program.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to be vulnerable and wanting rapid change in their career and life. "

Jennifer Langridge

"I’ve done a lot of continued education and loved it, but the Subconscious Imprinting course has actually changed my life.

The results from taking this course go beyond learning a skill that will help with treating clients."

Ashley Valliere

The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT

“The Empowered Healers Academy has truly changed my life in the best way possible. This program is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.

It feels like Kelsey & V shook me up and dumped my soul into a massive, expansive bucket of love and gratitude. As a nurse, I initially did NOT classify myself as a healer.”

Sarah Gregory


"I have other modalities I work in - massage, reiki, energy healing, past lives, akashic records... And yet still with all of my modalities,

I felt like there was one missing piece to my puzzle and not able to connect the dots - until I worked with Empowered Healers Academy in the SIT Certification.

I could get my clients to a certain point, and then it was like everything came to a stop. 

What was so amazing is with Subconscious Imprinting Technique, I was able to erase that stop point and take my clients all the way. 
My massage clients with chronic pain were no longer having chronic pain because we were getting to the root issue of the pain - which was never physical, to begin with.

This modality has allowed me to be a more multifaceted healer. One of the biggest changes I have seen with all the clients I've worked with is their ability to take their power back. They leave the sessions feeling much more like themselves. I've taken a LOT of modalities where you go through the course, and that's it. You don't see the teachers again. V and Kelsey REALLY want to see you succeed - they go to great lengths, over and above in my personal experience. 

If you're on the fence - fence no more. This will epically change your life."

Tracy Montgomery


"Pretty much from day one this course changed my entire life.

It’s been one of the best experiences of my entire life. I am an acupuncturist and part of the reason I took this course was to help other people as well. I’ve just started to integrate Subconscious Imprinting a bit more in my practice and the results I’ve gotten so far are just fu**ing mind-blowing. If you have an opportunity to take anything from these two, do it. Please do it."

Taylore Primrose

"I can’t say enough amazing things about Kelsey and V and what they have created with the Empowered Healers Academy.

I signed up not really knowing what to expect but just knew that I had to and that it would change my life. And it has. Not only has it brought my acupuncture practice to a whole new level, it has also brought tremendous awareness to my own life. Honestly, this academy is life-changing..."

Kim Lyle

"As a graduate of The Empowered Healers Academy, I must say I finally feel whole.

Until now I got so many diplomas, and no matter how much information there was it never felt enough or complete. Something was missing. This course is practical, based on direct experience, where your soul finally aligns with the mind and the body. You learn to accept yourself the way you are, having the most amazing teachers Vincent VanOhm and Kelsey Eigler to support you more than you could ever imagine on your journey. There is no judging, no wrong or right, no hard feelings. The Empowered Healing Academy is where you will feel at home, where you will learn to speak your truth, love, trust, and accept yourself unconditionally, and also let go of everything that doesn’t serves you any longer.

Love and Gratitude to my healers and The Empowered Healers Academy."


The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT

"Subconscious imprinting is the missing puzzle piece I had been searching for for a while for both myself as well as my career.

The deep level of personal healing and growth I received during my time throughout this course is mind-blowing. Not to mention my clients have had  great result as soon as just one session. Words cannot even fully describe how amazing their training is."

Chelsea Oryniak

"As a graduate of the SIT program, I can confidently say that this program has changed my life on a level that I didn’t expect.

I knew it was profound and groundbreaking but I didn’t realize just how earth-shifting and reality-shattering it would be for me. I walked into Empowered Healers Academy as a newly divorced, stay-at-home mom trying to find my way, and walked out an educated healer with enough confidence in my abilities to practice this healing modality that I immediately began attracting the right clients for me and building my business!

I would shout it from every rooftop, if you’re even slightly curious, there is a reason; listen to that little voice! I did and it was the best move I’ve ever made! From the bottom of my now healed heart thank you to Kelsey and V who started as my teachers and ended as my family!"

Leah Pickett

The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT

"The Empowered Healers Academy is making huge waves amongst lightworkers. Training them to expand knowledge, widen perceptions and create massive shifts in the healing realm. Highly recommend all of their work."

Pamela Wagil

"Kelsey and V are mind-blowingly AMAZING! This is a review from someone with a heavy dose of skepticism, who was constantly floored by what came up for me, and how much shifting them could impact my sense of being."

Kristen Aschenbrenner

Family Constellation


Psychic Medium, Astrologer and Passion and Purpose Coach

Sheetal Story


"Working w/ Kelsey and V helped me tremendously with my mindset and willingness to be visible.

After their coaching and support, I was able to put myself out there in videos for my business with energy, confidence, and more than a little vulnerability. I learned I really do have a voice and kind find the courage to use it to inspire others to use theirs, too."

Charles Collins


"I have practiced Chinese Medicine for almost 2 decades, and rarely see colleagues that will take risks to genuinely contribute and evolve our industry.

V and Kelsey are pioneers in the conscious healing industry. They have helped me both personally and professionally over the years and am so happy to be a testament to their commitment, service and superpowers :)"

Sabrina Souto

I have had the privilege of experiencing not only individual V and Kelsey with both my personal growth and empowerment but with my life’s destination, purpose and with their guidance, empowerment and belief in me ... I was able to understand that

"if it doesn’t save me a positive purpose..... throw it away having these two powerhouse women show me my strengths and worthiness and helped me work through my self worth issues I have not only had the courage to walk away from toxic people in my life BUT I also embraced the courage to start my own Company!

These two truly have a way of making you look within ... learn from your past and dig deep for what brings you love and light within your life.

I’ve also experienced an amazing amount of healing recently through a Family Constellation. This was without a doubt one of the most amazing feeling of healing I have ever experienced as well as a “ ahhhh” moment that has helped me navigate through life’s and family precious patterns and beliefs.... so excited for more growth and enlightenment from these two lovelies."

Lisa Jacobson

"V is so much more than an acupuncturist. She really is the Urban Witch, in all the best ways. She uses so many modalities and is guided by her intuition. The results are profound and touch the depths of your soul. She has helped me through physical and emotional pain and has had such an impact on my life.

Now V and Kelsey together, they are a force of nature. They are such a vibrant, intuitive and energetic duo! I have experienced a family constellation with them and it was like nothing I have ever taken part in. They have the capacity to tap into some very deep and powerful channels and connect with people’s deepest memories. You really do have to see it to believe it."

What our students say about their certificates

About Life After the SIT Training
Personally and Professionally

I have been a client of V‘s for a few years now and had such amazing results with S.I.T. for both Chronic Back pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis and emotional traumas from my childhood. When I heard about The Empowered Healers Academy I knew I had to learn more to help not only myself and also my patients.

Both Kelsey and V are amazing teachers and make such a safe environment to learn in. I am so grateful for this course and K&V because my business has exploded with patients loving Subconscious Imprinting. And not to mention the Chronic Anxiety that I have had my whole life was healed during my training and I haven’t had anxiety in seven months and counting.

Taylore Primrose, R.Ac, S.I.T. Practitioner, Life Coach

The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT

About the Personal Transformation You’re Deeply Craving

I THOUGHT I was such a spiritual yogi type person until I went through TEHA. Not only has subconscious imprinting flipped my life around for the better, but I’ve also gained a broader perspective on life in general. Less judgments. Less projecting of my points of views on everyone and everything, which means overall, a TON more joy in life.

I honestly went from being soooo depressed, unfulfilled in life, overweight and basically just wanting to die... to super bubbly, happy and enjoying all the small things in life.

If someone would’ve told me that I’d feel like this only a few weeks after enrolling in the academy, I would’ve signed up a year ago!

Amanda Piasta

About The Value of Your Investment

I was feeling this missing piece in my practice that most of my clients were needing… But I couldn’t put words to it. After a few S.I.T. sessions with Vanessa, I knew this was it. I knew I needed to add this to my practice.

This 6 week course helped me as an individual, as a healer, as an entrepreneur - and has completely shifted my practice for my patients. I promise you, when you take this course, you will be able to heal and treat your patients in a way you’ve been truly longing for.

This work is unbelievably profound and phenomenal. Honestly mind-blowing. The amount of material given is very thorough and the support given throughout AND after is so beyond helpful.

Dr. Nicole Broadhurst, TCMD, S.I.T. Practitioner

The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT
The Empowered Healers, Healers, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, SIT

"Very real. From the heart and inspiring. Guidance. Being true to yourself. Their name says it all really... Empowered Healers. They’ve inspired me to step out of my anxiety and live big."



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