For S.I.T. Practitioners, Energy Healers, Coaches and Therapists who
feel anxious about Technology, but know you want to leverage it.


I’m not gunna lie, when COVID hit.. I enjoyed my little vacay.

Being someone who has worked since I was 11 years old, this was like a forced breather I wouldn’t have taken otherwise…

I spent time learning new recipes, watching Netflix, walking my dog - it was GREAT! 

But after a couple weeks, reality set in:
“What if I can NEVER go back to the clinic? What the heck would I do? How would I pay my bills? How would I help my clients?”

*Enter the world's mother-load of curve balls: TIKTOK*

Listen, if the thought of using TikTok to rapidly grow your business makes your eyes roll, I was right there with you - until it helped me 3x my income per session and build my dream practice from home (did I mention in the middle of a global pandemic?)

Like you, I was SUPER skeptical of TikTok.

Full transparency: I actually started looking at it IN SECRET because I couldn’t bring myself to admit to my friends that I was on this app.

But what I noticed during my investigation was that there weren’t a lot of educators on the app.


The app was chalked full of entertainers, people dancing and using filters in funny and weird ways, but MINIMAL people were actually delivering VALUE.

My brain started to humm….”there might be something here”.

And through a series of testing different things (and creating the system I’m going to give you), I now serve AMAZING clients from Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, California, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Denmark and even Turkey!!

While everyone else is making silly dance videos on Tiktok, I figured out how to monetize it. And you will too!

If you want to build your virtual practice, make more impact, keep more money and pandemic-proof your business...

Grab my new training. This is especially for you if technology overwhelms you as much as it did me.

And, your first 1.5 clients will cover the entire investment - how does it get any better than that?!

my goal for you is to:

2x your session income (at least). 

Instead of paying someone else’s clinic overhead with 60/40 splits, keep 100% of your session fees - without having overhead of your own.

Work with clients virtually,from literally ANYWHERE.

Build a global impact doing S.I.T., energy healing, therapy, or coaching from the comfort of your home, a mountain resort, or anywhere you want.

Automate the process so you’re not sending a gazillion emails to your clients.

I’ll show you my clean and simple system that covers booking clients AND receiving payments… (Hint: It’s hands free and cost free).

Have a 100% client show up rate.

This system will completely eliminate no-shows because your clients will pay before the session, 100% of the time.

Serve clients from all over the world! Giving you the ability to make an impact globally!

AND up your potential to make money from endless sources, no matter what the economic state is.

Learn how to serve your audience in a quality over quantity format

All while making more money than you did prior to the world shutting down, and regardless of it shutting down again.

You’ll feel confident and have FUN putting yourself out there

With quality content that people truly adore you for.